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Fellowes Amaris A3 Laminator White 8058601

Fellowes Amaris A3 Laminator White 8058601

RRP: €590.49
€279.50 ex vat
€343.79 inc vat
Fellowes Spectra A3 Laminator

Fellowes Spectra A3 Laminator

€109.95 ex vat
€135.24 inc vat
Fellowes Lunar A3 Laminator 5716801

Fellowes Lunar A3 Laminator 5716801

RRP: €296.17
€119.95 ex vat
€147.54 inc vat
Fellowes Neptune 3 A3 Laminator

Fellowes Neptune 3 A3 Laminator

€409.50 ex vat
€503.69 inc vat
Fellowes Voyager A3 Laminator 5704201

Fellowes Voyager A3 Laminator 5704201

€699.50 ex vat
€860.39 inc vat
Fellowes Ion Laminator A3 White/Grey 4560601

Fellowes Ion Laminator A3 White/Grey 4560601

RRP: €165.61
€73.90 ex vat
€90.90 inc vat

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Laminators are an essential bit of equipment in every office. Our A3 laminators will keep your important documents covered and safeguarded against spills and damages.

Some Things to Consider When Buying an A3 Laminator


Here at Huntoffice we understand how important your documents are, and that's why we only supply from the top laminator brands in the industry. We offer brands like Fellowes, Leitz, and much more.

Laminator Warm Up Time

If you’ve got a document that needs to be laminated quickly, it’s important that your laminator isn’t taking a long time to heat up. Ideally, you want a quick warm-up time so that you can turn the laminator on and the machine is ready to laminate as soon as possible.

We offer laminator warm-up times that are super quick, like our Fellowes Calibre A3 Laminator that only takes one minute to warm up.

Laminating Pouch Thickness

Laminating pouch thickness is measured in microns, and the higher the microns, the thicker the laminate will be. The thicker the laminate is, the more protection that the laminate provides.

We offer laminating pouches in a variety of micros, so whatever laminate protection you need, we’re sure to have you covered.

Lamination Speed

Lamination speed (usually measured in mm/min) is the time it takes for the item to be laminated once it's put into the machine. Having a good lamination speed ensures that you can have your documents protected and ready to go without a big queue for the laminator in the office. Browse our range of quick laminator speeds.

Here’s what our customers are saying


 Karena Satcher   
about 5 Star A3 Laminator up to 125micron
   I recommend this product.    
  "I bought this laminator for my house and its not bad if you are not using it a lot. A good product meets the basic requirements I recommend this product but only for home use."
 Catherane Justin   
about GBC Heat Seal Pro 3500 A3 Laminator
   Great for office use!   
  "Great for office use.Lovely colour and easy to use.Works very fast,brilliant results."  
 Rachel, Galway   
about Leitz iLAM Easy A3 Laminator
   Good stuff!   
  "I absolutely love this leitz laminator! I was attracted mostly by the lovely design and colours but when I watched the video it really made me want one :) Ordered one on the start of the week and we have been using it in the office for the last two days - no comparison with most of laminators that I have used. It is fast and doesn't require setting the temperature (this can be painful in some laminators), plus the directional arrows on the laminating pouches are a great help as well. This leitz ilam takes both A3 and A4 sheets which is also quite handy. Good stuff!"

about  Fellowes Lunar A3 Laminator 5716801
 Very happy.   
  "My old laminator stopped working so I went for this one to replace it and it's definitely the best laminator I've used. It works efficiently and is very user friendly. Heats up quickly and doesnt jam or crease your documents. Very happy"  
 Martha Davis   
about Fellowes Jupiter 2 A3 Laminator Ref 5733501
   Very good quality.   
  "As the secretary in my school it is often my job to buy the new office equipment. Our old laminator was awful, it kept jamming and there were so many complaints about it! Since we got this one, complaints have all but stopped, but some still need help with operating it. Very good quality. "  
 Kevin M. Limerick   
about Fellowes Saturn 3i A3 Laminator
   Great laminator!   
  "Great laminator! i was looking for a good reliable A3 format laminator and probably found the best one ever, very fast and amazing quality!"
 Elisabeth, Galway   
about Fellowes Spectra A3 Laminator
   Very affordable price!   
  "If you are looking for good A3 format laminator, look no further - I can tell from my personal experience. Most of the laminators i have used before were slow and contrary : would return wavy results if just a bit goes wrong... Since i have bought this Fellowes Spectra laminator, all my troubles are gone - amazing product and very affordable price!"
 Patti Laux   
 GBC Fusion 3000L A3 Laminator 250 Microns 4400749
   Would buy it again.   
  "The Gbc fusion 3000l laminator is an amazing product for keeping your documents or posters or anything like that safe.Simple to use and gives no hassle. Would buy it again."
about GBC Fusion 3100L A3 Laminator High Speed up to 350 Microns Ref 4400750
   Exactly what we were looking for!   
  "We had spent a lot of time and effort researching the correct signs to put up around the factory and when we decided that to save on costs we would make our own and laminate them, we realized that we did not have an A3 Laminator. This GBC fusion 3100L laminator was exactly what we were looking for. It was relatively cheap in comparison with having to face purchasing off the shelf signs. We have customized our own using this GBC fusion 3100L laminator for a fraction of the cost."
Rexel Academy A3 Education Laminator
   Very reliable .  
  "I had a bit of a look around various sites for an A3 Laminator at a good price and I found this one at huntoffice.ie at a great price. This Rexel laminator is very reliable and does its job well, no complaints."