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Nowadays open plan office areas have become very popular and are gradually replacing closed office areas.


Open plan office layouts have many benefits: better collaboration and communication between office employees therefore increasing the overall atmosphere of the workplace.


However, for all the advantages of the open office space the level of noise can often be a draw back and reduce the employee's ability to concentrate and can create unnecessary distractions.


Office acoustics are now recognised as having a major influence on employee productivity that result in the need for companies to look for a flexible and easily manageable way of creating private meeting and breakout spaces.


Meeting pods are small, enclosed, and often modular spaces designed for hosting meetings, brainstorming sessions, or private conversations within a larger office or open workspace environment.


They are intended to provide a quiet and focused area for team collaboration or individual work, while also offering some level of visual and acoustic privacy. Meeting pods can vary in size and design but typically share several common



Key Features of Meeting Pods Ireland

Enclosed Space

 Meeting pods are fully or partially enclosed to provide a sense of privacy and reduce distractions from the surrounding environment. They often have walls, a ceiling, and a door or curtain for entry.


Meeting pods are designed to minimize noise leakage both in and out of the space. This helps maintain a quiet and distraction-free environment for meetings or work./p>


Inside the pod, you'll typically find seating options, a table or work surface, and sometimes basic amenities like power outlets and lighting. The furniture can be configured to suit different types of meetings or work tasks.

Technology Integration

Many meeting pods are equipped with technology such as video conferencing equipment, screens, and audio systems to facilitate virtual meetings and presentations.


Meeting pods come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to cater to different office layouts and aesthetics. Some are designed to be small and cozy for one-on-one meetings, while others can accommodate larger groups.


Some meeting pods are modular and can be easily moved or reconfigured to adapt to changing office needs. This flexibility makes them a popular choice in dynamic work environments.

Ventilation and Lighting

Adequate ventilation and lighting are essential for comfort and productivity within the meeting pod. Many pods incorporate ventilation systems to ensure a supply of fresh air.


Meeting pods should be designed to accommodate people with disabilities and be compliant with accessibility regulations.


Meeting pods have gained popularity in modern office design as they provide a flexible and efficient solution to the challenges posed by open-plan workspaces, where noise and interruptions can hinder concentration and communication. They offer a balance between open collaboration spaces and the need for private or semi-private areas for meetings, calls, or focused work.


Key Features to consider when purchasing a Meeting Pod

Size and Capacity

Determine the size of the meeting pod based on your typical meeting or workspace needs. Consider how many people need to comfortably fit inside (e.g., one-on-one meetings, small groups, or larger teams.

Layout and Design

Evaluate the design and layout options to ensure they align with your office aesthetics and space constraints. Some meeting pods are designed for privacy, while others prioritize open and collaborative settings.

Acoustic Properties

Assess the soundproofing and acoustic qualities of the meeting pod to ensure that it effectively reduces noise both inside and outside the pod. This is critical for maintaining a quiet and focused environment.

Privacy Level

Consider the level of privacy required for your meetings or work tasks. Some meeting pods are fully enclosed, while others may have glass walls or open ceilings. Choose a level of privacy that suits your needs

Technology Integration

Determine whether the meeting pod should be equipped with technology such as video conferencing equipment, screens, and audio systems. Ensure that it can support your organization's communication and collaboration needs


Ensure that the meeting pod is accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities. Consider features like wheelchair accessibility and compliance with accessibility regulations.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select a meeting pod that aligns with your organisation's goals, enhance productivity and provide a comfortable and functional space for meetings and collaborative work.


More About Meeting Pods Ireland

Easy To Install & Re-Locate

The acoustic office pods are a great alternative for permanent meeting areas and can facilitate employees with a flexible and easy to set up solution, as they are created as a freestanding furniture and are easy to install. These sound absorbing pods are designed as demountable systems and can be easily reconfigured, moved around & transferred to the different office premises if needed.

meeting pods installation

 Variety Of Uses

These privacy pods are very functional and have a wide variety of uses, as they can be used:
• As a meeting room area;br /> • As an isolated working area;
• As a video conferencing, presentation area;
• As a breakout, canteen area;
• To eliminate the noise and visual distractions caused by office machines: as a post room, printroom or shredding room;
• As a phone booth;
• As a training room, for exhibitions, showrooms, receptions;
•• Non-office use: as privacy soft seating areas in restaurants, nightclubs, student libraries, etc.

meeting pods used for

Variety Of Configurations

The acoustic work pods usually are designed as modular systems and allow the user to freely construct and adjust a wide variety of acoustic area configurations to suit any needs and requirements. The soundproof pods can be custom made to suit or update any office interior, as they are available in an extensive variety of sizes, acoustic materials, shapes and colours.


meeting pods configurations

Selection Of Shapes, Acoustic Materials & Colours

These acoustically screened meeting areas are available in a wide variety of shapes: Rectangular, Round, Semi Circular, 8-Shaped, U-Shaped, Hexagonal, Bespoke Office Booths etc. The screen pods also feature various acoustic materials (opaque or transparent finish): upholstered privacy booths, glazed, tiled sound proof hubs. They also come in an extensive selection of colours to match any office interior.

meeting pods various shapes

Various Sizes & Seating Capacity

Our private office meeting pods feature various seating capacities ranging from single person acoustic cubicles, two-seater acoustic booths to our most popular 4 seater & 6 seater meeting pods & higher seating capacity meeting hubs that are ideal for large team meetings. Some acoustic privacy pods come with integrated soft seating, others don't include any internal furnishings, but can include additional freestanding meeting room furniture (meeting tables, meeting room chairs, presentation equipment: flip chart easels and whiteboards) providing soundproof partitioning for that setting. The freestanding meeting pods come in various heights: low height breakout areas (providing visual isolation), medium height privacy booths (providing visual and acoustic isolation), full height meeting pods and freestanding soundproof partitions ( for additional visual and acoustic privacy).

meeting pods size and seating capacity

Integrated Extras

These acoustic work pods often come with integrated soft seating, bench seating, tables, lighting, power and data modules, cable management systems, presentation equipment - speakers, monitors and whiteboards.

meeting pods with integrated extras

Optimise sound absorption and noise control with these modern, practical & functional freestanding office pods, privacy booths and acoustic hubs. We stock a variety of ranges including Huddle Cave, Hive, Eden, Bill, Ben, Stella & Tryst. These ranges include not only these innovative acoustic offices, but also a wide selection of matching soft seating./p>

Here's what our customers are saying...

Louise D  
 Framery 2Q Standard Acoustic Booth
  Great servive!
  "We are really happy with the service and products offered from HuntOffice, from start to finish they were very accommodating in helping us to choose the perfect acoustic booth the Framery 2Q. Our acoustic booth was installed by the team very quickly and we were able to use it for our meetings that afternoon. "  
Meeting Pod BILL 6 Seater Blue
   I Would Definitely Recommend this Fab Piece of Furniture!
  "I saw this meeting pod in some furniture showroom and i loved the idea of it! i have showed this amazing acoustic solution to my boss and he got really exited about it. everything about this acoustic meeting pod is great! the design, the look and the practical side of with resulting in space, hassle and money saving. the only trouble we had was - there were so many colours to choose from that it was owerwhelming! at the end we have decided to go with this particular one as it suits our interior really well! the acoustic qualities of this pod are great- id say is due to the material the carcass is made of and the shape helps. Power modules are an absolute must have in a meeting, as we have to skype our clients and suppliers often so you wouldnt want to end up with dead phone battery in the middle of the meeting. this booth doesnt take up much office space, fits neatly in the corner, but yet it is spacious inside - accomodates 4 of us easily, even 6 if needed! when not in use, I often see my work mates having their break in there, or somebody can use it just to have a quiet moment for themselves and escape from always buzzing office environment. i would definitely recommend this fab piece of furniture that has so many advantages! "  
Dave, Limerick  
HIVE Semi-Circular Meeting Pod With Worktop
  The Acoustics are Great and There is so Many Colours to Choose From!
  "We use this meeting pod as a daily training room, it suits perfect for the purpose! would recommend - it is easier and cheaper to install than to build separate training room. and the acoustics are great! Loads of colours to choose from - would suit all needs! my recommendations!"  
Saul, Dublin  
Meeting Pod HUDDLE CAVE With Grey Exterior & Red Checkered Fabric Interior
  It is an Absolute Must-Have!
  "When i first came across Huddle Cave meeting booth, i thought "wow!" how could nobody think of it already? and how come i dont see it in every single office already?? everyone seems to go harder way, premises planning permisions, permanent partitioning, all this hassle that can be so easily replaced with this simple acoustic solution! We have this gorgeous design meeting hub for a while now in all our offices and we wouldnt dream of replacing it - it comes handy for wide variety of uses - conference calls, quick brainstorming meetings, presentations, those scary "can I talk to you for a sec" chats with the boss - it is an absolute must-have!"  
 Framery Q NapQ Acoustic Booth
  The Professional Huntoffice Team Had The Installation Completed In No Time!
  "The NapQ Acoustic Booth is a lovely addition to our office, creating a beautiful modern meeting space for conference calls, meetings or just a space to get away from the noisy chatter of the main office!!! The professional huntoffice team had the installation completed in no time with no interruption to staff"  
Olivia T  
 Framery Q Meeting Maggie Acoustic Booth
  The Huntoffice Team worked quickly creating a quiet and comfortable space where our team can have meetings!
  "This is such an amazing addition to our office. The huntoffice team had our booth installed and up and running in no time with no interruption to the team, they were very professional and worked quickly creating a quiet and comfortable space where our team can have meetings and important conversations in total quietness"  
Framery Q Working with PAL 110 Acoustic Booth
   The Huntoffice Team were very Professional and our Booth was Installed Very Quickly in One Afternoon!
  "Our new framery acoustic booth is fantastic for quick meetings or conference calls where quiet is essential. The quiet meeting space a framery booth can create has been a fantastic addition in our office, we now have a beautiful modern meeting space right in the middle of our main office without having any extra building work onsite. The huntoffice team were very professional and our booth was installed very quickly in one afternoon."  
Framery Q Working with PAL 90 Acoustic Booth
  Very Pleased with this Product!
  "Our new Framery Acoustic Booth has become our go to office space for quick meetings and conference calls."  
Anna, Cork  
Modular Meeting Pod STELLA 3 Sections Purple
  We Love it and Would Highly Recommend this Product!
  "I saw these in a bar- restaurant in Dublin and i thought - this is exactly what we need for our office. We were considering to build an area for daily meetings in our office, but there wasnt a corner that could be suitable for it. thus circular shape meeting pod suits us perfect, the measurements were just spot on as if it was meant to be :) We love it and would highly recommend!"  
Meeting Pod TRYST 2 Seater Booth Light Blue STK26
  Great Innovative Furniture Solution!
  "We had this office meeting pod installed last week and it is already irrepleacable! great for daily meetings with my manager, with my collegues. we dont have that many in our team, so this meeting booth for two people suits us great, as we already have a meeting room for larger meetings. great innovative furniture solution!"