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Welcome to the Huntoffice address labels store, here you will find a wide choice of labels for all your labeling requirements. Address labels are essential for businesses or individuals doing a large quantity of mailing. The address is generally printed onto the address label and the sticky label is then fixed to the envelope or package. For marketing purposes some address labels are customized with the company logo to provide that professional look and feel. The most popular type of address labels would be Avery labels. Here we provide address labels at discounted prices. 

More about the address labels available: 

• Laser Address Labels - Looking for blank labels for your laser printer? We have a wide range of labels especially designed for sheet-fed laser printers. Laser labels are perfect if you have to print a lot of labels at a time as laser printers offer fast printing speeds. They are also relatively cheap to run. We have selection of labels from bargain brand 5 Star as well as Avery in a range of sizes including mini laser labels. 

• Inkjet Address Labels - Inkjet labels are particularly suitable if you’re looking to print in colour. Inkjet address labels guarantee rich colours as well as crisp text prints. These labels can be used immediately out of the printer as the ink dries quickly on them, avoiding smudges. Choose from our wide selection of labels in a range of sizes including Avery labels in a choice of various shapes. 

• Copier Address Labels - Copier labels are extremely convenient because you simply only need to type a master list once and copy onto multiple sheets of blank labels using your photocopier. Copier address labels are specifically designed for trouble free feeding through photocopiers leaving you to get on with your work while the labels are being printed hassle free. We supply a wide variety in different sizes to suit your needs. 

• Clear Address Labels - Clear labels provide a printed look when applied on white and coloured backgrounds unlike normal white labels. These address labels are perfect to use on envelopes in particular as they are almost invisible giving a professional look. They’re also great for giving a printed finish to files, leaflets or brochures. We have a variety of clear labels to choose from for both Laser and Inkjet printers. 

• Multifunction Address Labels - With these labels there’s no need to worry about what label works with which printer. Our range of multifunctional address labels are ideal for businesses as they’re compatible with Laser, copier and inkjet machines giving you one less thing to worry about and more time to concentrate on more important areas of your business. Choose from our selection of labels in various sizes including price labels, removable wall sign labels and window sign labels. 

• Mini Labels - Mini labels are extremely useful for marking contents of your files, folders or boxes but especially for putting a return address on the back of your envelopes. We have an impressive selection of both normal and clear labels for laser or inkjet printers. 

Brands of Address Labels available: 

We provide a wide selection of address labels from 5 Star and Avery. Avery is the most popular type of address label we supply. The advantage of using Avery is that you can easily print your address label through the label wizard on Microsoft Word. Alternatively you can download the Avery template from the avery website. The size of the address label can vary depending on the size of the letter or package you are sending. If you are sending a standard size letter people generally choose 20 labels or 24 labels per sheet, however if you are sending a large box then a 1 per sheet label is more sufficient.

Tips and Information - Address Labels

Typically address labels used in offices come in a4 sheets, which can be printed on using an address label Wizard. Address labels also come in rolls, many address label rolls can be printed on using a label printer.

Address labels come with an adhesive backing which can stick to letters, packages etc. You can choose to purchase removeable labels or permanent labels. Address labels which are printed on, are professional looking and make it easier for the post office or couriers to read.

As mentioned Avery address labels would be a common address label used in offices throughout the country. For standard letters many businesses would use Avery L7159 or Avery L7160. However for larger sized envelopes or packages you would generally use a larger address label.

How to print an address label using Microsoft Word mail merge?

1. Set up the address labels (you only need to set up the layout of your address labels once), you can either choose from the list of codes or if you have a label that is not on the list you can measure and setup you own custom label.

2. Set up the main document, this is the list of address that you want printed on the labels.

3. Connect the address labels to your address list/main document.

4. Refine the list of recipients. Word generates a label for each address in your mailing list. If you want to generate labels for only certain addresses in your mailing list, you can choose which addresses, or records, to include.

5. Add placeholders, called mail merge fields, to the address labels. When you perform the mail merge, the mail merge fields are filled with information from your address list.

6. Preview, complete the merge, and print the address labels. You can preview each label before you print the whole set.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Louise Twayne   
5 Star Address Laser Labels 635 x 381mm White (2100 Labels)
  Address Labels Review   
  "I had been using Avery labels simply for the well known brand name but after browsing through the huntoffice website decided to try these 5 Star address labels because they were so cheap. Having used them now I can honestly say I find absolutely no difference and for a fraction of the price! I was a little worried that I might have problems printing them but I have not had any jams at all. Print quality is clear and adhesive on the labels is good. Just fantastic value I'll be using 5 star in future."  
Vincent Stringer  
5 Star Address Laser Labels 635 x 381mm White (2100 Labels)
  Prints Perfect   
  "I hadnt previously purchased Laser labels before for my laser printer as I did not require them before. Also I had heard from friends that laser labels can be a mess printing them out. However after buying the 5 Star address labels I have had not one ounce of bother with them and they print perfectly every time :). Thanks Huntoffice"  
Josh Guilford  
5 Star Address Labels 99.1x34mm White (1600 Labels)
  More Great 5 Star Products!  
  "Great price for these laser address labels with such a great quantity of 1600 labels so they will last me quite a while :). They really have superior print quality for such a brilliant price. Thanks Huntoffice."  


Faye Ward  
5 Star Address Labels 99.1x34mm White (1600 Labels)
  No More Handwriting Addresses   
  "I've only recently stopped handwriting addresses and tried my hand at printing address labels for the envelopes I send out. I used these address labels on my test run. Immediately I saw great results, smooth printing with clear text on the finished label. I don't send a huge amount of post out so the 1600 labels that came in the box will last me for months yet."  


Dan Lyndon  
5 Star Laser Address Labels 99.1x38.1mm White (1400 Labels)
  No Problems at all, Happy with my Purchase!   
  "I've never had any problems with these address labels so I don't need to go for the more expensive brand. They print perfectly with my laser printer, with clear text and dry fast. What more could I want."  



Chris W  
Avery L4775-20 Heavy Duty Labels Laser White 210x297mm 20 Labels
  Large Heavy Duty Labels   
  "This pack of labels is good because it can cover a large space, and you could also cut it up into smaller labels too. This is good because you can choose your own sizes of the labels then instead of a standard size or just these large ones."