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Welcome to the Huntoffice Adhesive & Mounting Products section. Here on Hunt Office you will find a wide range of products to enable you to stick, hang or fix items to a surface. Whatever you need to fix or mount, be it for crafts, photographs, frames, posters or even permanent mounting you will find an adhesive & mounting product to suit your needs. We have a variety of adhesive products to choose from including sticky fixers & pads, blue & white tack, adhesive film and adhesive sprays which come from leading brands Sellotape, 3M, UHU, Bostik, Unibound, Pritt, West Design, Photo Album Company and 5 Star. 

What type of Adhesive & Mounting Product do you need? 

• If you need a good adhesive for arts & crafts, paste-ups or layouts, adhesive spray would be an excellent choice. Adhesive sprays provide the fastest and easiest application for things like artwork and layouts, gives a secure bond while allowing a little time for repositioning. Here on Huntoffice we have a range of 3M adhesive sprays with various strengths from repositionable adhesive sprays to permanent bonding adhesive sprays ideal for working with 3D models, exhibition boards and coated papers etc. 

• For permanent mounting and display we have a few products to choose from. Sellotape have a range of double sided sticky fixers which are foam pads coated on both sides with a strong adhesive for permanent mounting and display. Sellotape also has sticky fixers specifically for outdoor mounting and display. These foam pads are the same as the other sticky fixers with adhesive on both sides but are resistant to oil, water and sunlight so designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Unibond also have a permanent mounting solution in the form of an ultra-strong permanent strip. Each of these strips can take loads of up to 2.75kg so an ideal solution if you need to hang heavier items such as picture frames. 

• If you need to temporarily fix paper or small objects to a surface then blue or white tack will do the job perfectly for you. Commonly used to hang pictures, posters and decorations to walls it can also be used to fix items such as telephones, message pads, office stationery etc. firmly to a surface to stop them from being easily removed. Delivery available throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Rae Quill  
 Sellotape Outdoor Sticky Fixers Foam Pads Double Sided Weatherproof 20 x 20mm 48 Pads Pack 12
  Good product
  "Good product from sellotape - I enjoy how easy they are to use as I am not the DIY type! I also like how it is a pack of 12 for quite a good price as I wont have to buy these sticky pads for some time again. These outdoor, 'weatherproof' sticky fixers do stand up quite well to weather, I live near the coast so there is a decent amount of wind that hits my house every day and it has not pulled off any of the pads. I use them indoors as well and they have held up inside too. Great product overall from huntoffice"  
Sellotape Double Sided Sticky Fixers 12 x 25mm 56 Pads Pack 12
   Great invention
  "You can hang posters, frames, pictures, clocks on walls with these sellotape double sticky fixers. Seems like if there is no limits to them. Great invention I have to say."  
5 Star Self Adhesive Tack 70gm Blue
  "I have to say this white box brand of self adhesive blue tack surprised me. For the price I didn't expect it to measure up to the original blu tack but it absolutely exceeded my expectations. Fantastic value for this 70gm pack and just as sticky! I well put it to the test in my classroom over the school year. Thanks Hunt Office."  
John Brown  
Multipurpose Adhesive Blue Tack Reusable 70g Pack 12 5 Star
  "This is not the first time that I am working with blue tack and I have to say that this one I find really good to work with. It is way better than tape or pins and it last very long and that works for me. The greatest dvantage of it is that I can reuse it, so that I don't have to buy a lot of it. As I bought that pack I am sorted for a while. Very good item for such a price."  
Elaine Young  
Sellotape Double Sided Sticky Foam Sticky Fixers 12 x 25mm 140 Pads Pack 6
  "I'm renting a new apartment, the landlord specified that I do not drill holes in his walls, to hang up pictures, he suggested that I use these sellotape sticky fixers if I want to hang up anything. I'm very impressed, I hadn't used these sellotape sticky fixers before, but they are really strong, they're holding up my pictures no problem. You get loads of pads in each packet, I also used these sticky pads in the car, I had a mobile phone holder but the pads that came with the phone were not that strong so it had fallen off so I've used the sellotape sticky pads instead and it's now securely stuck in place."  
Denis McMahon  
Sellotape Double Sided Sticky Foam Sticky Fixers 12 x 25mm 140 Pads Pack 6
  Great value
  "The double sided Sellotape Sticky Fixers are very reliable with its strong adhesive it sticks every time. Great value for 140 pads . thanks huntoffice."  
Vicki Beasley  
3M Poster Strips Holding Capacity 0.45kg Pack 12
  "I lost the battle with my kids months ago to stop putting posters up on the newly painted wall. They had been using blu tack and sometimes even sellotape, which left marks on the wall. These poster strips from 3M were recommended to me by a friend so I ordered them from huntoffice to try them out. They are fantastic and can hold quite large heavy posters up firmly without falling. There is a clean removal without damage to paint as long as they're removed slowly and carefully. When I first received them my son ripped one of the strips off the wall taking a layer of paint with it! Needless to say it didn't happen again! Like I said absolutely fine once removed with care. All in all I couldn't be happier as you've saved me from re painting the bedroom walls!"  
J Noonan  
3M Poster Strips Holding Capacity 0.45kg Pack 12
  "I recently purchased these 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips from Huntoffice, they are very Clean when they are removed and can Hold a Capacity of upto 0.45kg. They are excellent for kids rooms who like to hang posters and then change who they like the next week. They peel off easily and leave no marks on the wall. They are excellent, can't recommend them enough."  
Pascal Benjamin  
3M Poster Strips Holding Capacity 0.45kg Pack 12
  "The 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips have really good sticking power. I used them recently for hanging up pictures and posters at a recent birthday and they did the trick and had no hassle with them when taking off the wall."  
3M Spray Mount Repositionable Adhesive Spray Can 200ml HSMOUNT
  "I needed an adhesive for art class and stumbled upon this one, it worked really well with all the different materials we were working with. We didn't have any issues with this product and would recommend it "