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Refresh Your Space with Air Fresheners

Elevate the ambiance of your environment with our selection of air fresheners. Whether you're looking to eliminate odors, create a pleasant atmosphere, or enhance the overall experience, our air fresheners are designed to meet your needs. Choose from a variety of scents and styles to find the perfect air freshener for your home or office.

Commercial Air Fresheners for Businesses

Enhance the customer experience and promote a positive impression of your business with our commercial air fresheners. Designed for high-traffic areas and commercial settings, our air fresheners effectively neutralize odors and leave a long-lasting fragrance. Invest in commercial air fresheners to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for your customers and employees.

Air Fresheners for Office Spaces

Create a pleasant working environment with our air fresheners tailored specifically for office spaces. Banish stale odors and promote productivity with our range of office air fresheners. With discreet designs and refreshing scents, our air fresheners for office use are perfect for maintaining a fresh and inviting atmosphere throughout the workday.


We supply air freshener dispenser units – both basic ones for use at home as well as large professional dispensers which can use two different fragrances and can be programmed at what time they release them. Our assortment includes a wide selection of refills for every type of dispenser we offer on our site. We also sell aerosol spray air fresheners in a variety of fragrances. How Air Fresheners Work Our nose can react very sensitively to some odours. There are a range of air fresheners available to help eliminate or mask unpleasant odours in everyday life. In areas where there is a continuous odour for example bathrooms or areas where pets sleep if they are kept indoors, continuous action products like gel air fresheners, wall plug in or air freshener units may be suitable. These products work around the clock to neutralize, freshen and fragrance.


• Gel Air Fresheners work by releasing a fragrance as the gel evaporates. These are often made more effective if used with the help of an electric fan.


• Wall Plug In Air Fresheners or Air Freshener Units work when they are plugged into the wall socket. The unit heats up which then causes the fragrance to spread around the room. There are also battery operated air freshener units available which are extremely convenient as they can be fixed to a wall in areas where there is no electrical socket. Once the wall plug in or air freshener unit runs out of fragrance you can purchase air freshener refills to replace it which are also available here on Huntoffice. For those annoying odours that appear out of nowhere instant action systems like aerosol or trigger sprays are more suitable.


• Aerosol or Trigger Sprays work by pressing down on a button or trigger which releases a fragrance into the air. This creates a mist of tiny droplets in the air which makes the odour less dominant by masking or neutralizing it. The products available within this section come from some of the top brands of Air Fresheners such as Ambi-Pur, Neutralle, Kimberly-Clark, Glade, Maxima and Haze.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Joel Dixon  
 Jeyes Air Freshener Machine Unit Refill Mistral
  Effective and Affordable!  
  "Effective and affordable can go wrong."  
 Ambi-Pur 3volution Air Freshener Refill for Fragrance Unit Spring Flowers VMS3VR
  Excellent products!  
  "Ambi-Pur 3volution Refill for Fragrance Unit Spring Flowers from huntoffice facilities section is excellent"  
Fresh Prince of Pur Air 99  
 Ambi-Pur 3volution Air Freshener Refill for Fragrance Unit Spring Flowers VMS3VR
   Makes the Air more Pleasurable to Breath!  
  "I bought the Ambi-Pur 3volution Refill for the Air freshener unit in the hall of our apartment. We live beside a chinese restaurant and every time we open the door of the apartment, the wang of noodles and stir fry can be quite overpowering. Thankfully, the Spring Flowers Fragrance Unit counter acts the odour and makes the air more pleasurable to breath."  
Olive Baker  
 Ambi-Pur 3volution Air Freshener Refill for Fragrance Unit Spring Flowers VMS3VR
   I Would Definitely Recommend these for Covering up Strong Odors!  
  "I found this Ambi-Pur 3volution Spring Flowers brilliant for covering up bad odors, I smoke and my husband is always giving out to me about the smell of smoke in the house! I would definitely recommend these for covering up strong odors, My husband never complains now!"  
Jacky Long  
Ambi-Pur 3volution Air Freshener Refill for Fragrance Unit Spring Flowers VMS3VR
  I am so Happy with my Purchase!  
  "Really low price of Ambi-Pur 3volution refill. I got it few weeks ago and I am still enjoying the lovely spring flowers fragrance all over my house. Now I am going to order one more for my office, it will make my day more relaxed and stress free. I am so happy with my purchase I could recommend it to every one! Thanks a lot huntoffice."