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Air Conditioning & Air Treatment:

As we learn and understand more about the side effects of living with pollution, we strive to improve the quality of the air we breathe. Air purification, moisture control and air conditioning can significantly improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors.

Air filters and purifiers can trap and help to remove the common pollutants like dust, carbon particles from car exhausts, smoke pollen, some bacteria, mould spores, animal dander and other microscopic irritants from the air. Refrigerated cooling and dehumidifiers reduce the moisture levels in the air making it harder for many pests to grow. Mould spores and dust mite debris are two obvious allergens that are controlled in a drier environment.

Air treatment products like air conditioners, air purifiers and moisture absorbers can create a cleaner, healthier, fresher, more pleasant and consequently more productive working environment.

Here, at Air Purifiers & Dehumidifiers Section, you can find a range of indoor air quality products: Air Purifiers, Air Dehumidifiers, Air Humidifiers, Humidity Absorbers for your office or home from leading brands like Fellowes, Bionare, UniBond.


Here's what our customers are saying...

James Jackman  
Duracraft De-Humidifier 10L/24h 2.9L Tank Hygrostat Electronic Control W325xD225xH480mm DD-TEC10E
  I Would Highly Recommend this Product!  
"I would highly recommend this product. The condition of the air in my office has greatly improved since I started to use it. I priced around and this was by far the best value I came across."
Zack, Dublin.  
Fellowes Hepa Filter Aeramax 10 9287001 - Replacement Filter for Fellowes AeraMax DX5 Air Purifier
  Great Price Deal!  
"Great replacement filters, easy to install and last long. Great price deal, as it lasts for a year and it is definitely worth the money knowing the amazing benefits for my health because of the fresher air!"
Lukasz, Dublin  
 Fellowes Hepa Filter Aeramax 20 9287101 - Replacement Filter For Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier
  Great Product!  
"My Aeramax filter was out of use for a while now, as the filter was gone. As the spring started, i can already see my eyes full of tears and my runny nose... I have ordered this air filter replacement and received it this morning in perfect condition, very easy to install, and, God!, the state of the old filter! I cant believe that our air is so... dirty, if you can say so. I can already feel the difference in the air and my health condition."
Craig, Dublin  
 Fellowes Hepa Filter Aeramax 30 9287201 - Replacement Filter For Fellowes AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier
  Great Product!  
"Great product, cheap enough knowing it lasts for a year! Fellowes Aeramax 30 has brought a lot of ease into my life, as i was struggling a lot with my asthma condition, so it is definitely worth the money!"
Rafal, Cork  
Fellowes Carbon Filter Aeramax 10 9324001 - Replacement Filter for Fellowes AeraMax DX5 Air Purifier
  Great Value!  
"I own one of these Fellowes airmax air purifiers and was very disappointed after several weeks, cause i thought i has broken down :/ The warranty service advised me to change the filter and well, it works like new again, good that i didnt trow it away. Basically it shows, how much our air is full of everything what we shouldnt be breathing into our lungs! Besides, the filter isnt that expensive, it is easy to install and lasts good few months. Great value."
Sarah, Co. Galway  
Fellowes Carbon Filter Aeramax 20 9324101 - Replacement Filter For Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier
  Great Product!  
"My kids used to always catch some bug - always runny noses, dry coughs, had to do something about it, so bought Fellowes Aeramax 20 and i have to say it was great investment!. My kids are much healthier now, they dont have these continious respiratory problems! These filters are very easy to replace and doesnt cost an earth, especially knowing the benefits!"
Hinti, Dublin  
Fellowes Carbon Filter Aeramax 30 9324201 - Replacement Filter For Fellowes AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier
  Very Good Purchase!  
"Spent ages looking for this filter replacement for my aeramax 30! Such a relief to find it here! Not too cheap i have to say, but sure my air filter doesnt work without it, so i dont really have a choice. But if to tell the truth this air purifier is a very good purchase of mine, as my severe asthma attacks has gone nearly to zero!"
Fellowes AeraMax DX5 Air Purifier
  Great Product!  
"This Fellowes Aeramax air purifiier was the best ever investment in our familys health! My son has a terrible allergy nearly for everything. When the heating season comes, it is difficult for him to breathe and sleep. Sometimes we choose not to have heating on at all, but then it comes to rooms being damp... and when the summer season with flowers blooming comes, omg, I dont even want to go that road... Anyways, since we got this air purifier, life has been easier, it really clear the air from dust and all the rest allergens. My son is feeling a lot better. Thanks Fellowes and Huntoffice!"
Lee, Dublin  
Fellowes AeraMax DX55 Air Purifier
  Would Recommend it!  
"I am suffering from asthma for years and to honest i was very sceptic about this air purifier being any help to my condition, but now I have to admit, that it is truly helpful and would recommend it to everyone that know what im talking about. At least i have comfort in my own home! I would say that business owners should buy these for work places, like offices, especially if they have workers that suffer from allergies."
Tom Maddy, Limerick  
 Fellowes AeraMax DX95 Air Purifier
  Great Air Purifier!  
"Great Air purifier! The air in the office feels way fresher, i can feel how it has an effect on my abillty to concentrate and i dont get sick that often anymore. Would recommend this fellowes air purifier!"