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  • Anti-Static Carpet Tiles
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Anti-Static Carpet Tiles

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- Anti-Static Carpet Tiles

Anti-Static Carpet Tiles

Anti Static Carpet Tiles provide numerous advantages over hard surface static control floor coverings in the form of reduced maintenance cost, outstanding sound deadening capabilities, ergonomic comfort and static control properties. We have an extensive range of anti-static carpet tiles for use in computer rooms, laboratories, electronic workshops, operating theatres and medical facilities where static control is critical in the working environment. Electronic discharge is a problem you cant ignore. The scuff of a shoe or the scrape of a chair creates an electron imbalance and while the human body many not feel it, it can have serious consequences. In electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare electronic discharge incidents can cause material, component or system failures, which may prove costly and perhaps even dangerous. Our anti static carpet tiles won’t pick up electric current from computer equipment. With our hugh variety of colours to choose from you’re bound to find the right anti-static carpet tiles.

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Anti-Static Carpet Tiles