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Baby Monitors at The BT Store

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Mike Roche   
Motorola MBP26 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor
  Great customer service   
  "The best baby monitor I've come across. Me & my wife's bedroom is at the opposite end of our house to the living room. At least 60-70 meters away. Our child was born with a slight touch of pericarditis (inflammation of the heart), and this monitor is brilliant to make sure that he's sleeping good while we watch TV etc. in the living room. Great customer service from Huntoffice too! One more happy customer in me anyway! Thanks!"  
 Ann O Connor   
Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor 3.5" LCD Display
  Great product   
  "This is a great product. It was ready to use straight from the box. The camera quality is very good and the night vision is extremely useful. I am able to talk to my baby from the parent monitor, which is handy when she wakes up to get her back to sleep. The device also plays lullabies which is a feature that I like.The sound quality is excellent and sensitive so I can hear everything. Great product."  
Linda & Paul Murphy   
Motorola MBP8 Audio Baby Monitor
  Really delighted about this  
  "We are really delighted and have peace of mind when using this Motorola MBP8 audio baby monitor in our house. we cant be with our new born all the time so it gives us time to move around the house and also have an ear to listen. great item,"  
Motorola MBP26 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor
  I know my baby is safe now  
  We are using it to monitor our little one in the bedroom, the microphone is really sensitive and we can react immediatelly when hearing a noise in the room. I know my baby is safe when this camera is in operation.  
Motorola MBP26 Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor
  It saves a lot of hassle  
  Great baby monitor, I got also one more camera from this product range set up above the baby bed on different angle. This device is able to connect to up to 4 cameras which is great if you have more children to observe. It saves a lot of hassle.