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Looking for Bathroom cleaning products? Here on Huntoffice you will find all of the essential bathroom cleaning products which will help you maintain the highest level of cleanliness in your bathroom whether you’re looking for cleaning supplies for your bathroom at home or at work. We provide a selection of Toilet Cleaners & Fresheners, Washroom Cleaners, Disinfectant and Bathroom Accessories. Before you start cleaning your bathroom it is extremely important that you wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin. Some of the chemicals in bathroom cleaning products can be very harsh, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. More about the Bathroom Cleaning Products available:


• While it may not be everyone’s favourite pastime, with all the harmful germs that accumulate in the toilet it is essential to clean it regularly. In the Toilet Cleaners & Fresheners section you will find a wide range of products to make the painful task of cleaning the toilet that little bit easier and leaving it fresh and clean. Toilet cleaners come in a variety of forms including gels, discs and tablets. A lot of these freshen as well as clean leaving you with a fresh clean toilet and one less thing to worry about.


• In our Washroom Cleaners section you will find everything you need to clean all your bathroom surfaces including shower, bath, sink, mirrors and tiles. These bathroom cleaners are designed to remove the tough stains and dirt that can accumulate in the bathroom with daily usage.


• Prevent the spread of harmful infectious germs with our selection of disinfectant supplies. Maintain, clean and prevent the build-up of limescale in your toilet and bathroom with our variety of powerful cleaners and bleach agent products. The disinfectant products come in a range of sizes to facilitate any size bathroom from the home to large organization facilities.


• We also have a selection of bathroom accessories including toilet brush and pedal bin, both essential additions to every home and office bathroom. We supply all of the top Bathroom Cleaning Products which include Toilet Duck, Ecoforce, Lifeguard, Domestos, 5 Star, Lu Blue, Cif, Mr Muscle, Flash and Parazone.