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Looking to buy a battery torch? Here at Huntoffice torches section we offer torches based on LED technology which delivers superb light brightness and length. All our torches are manufactured by Energizer. Our range includes compact LED torches in plastic casings with rubber finishing providing extra security. Most of the battery torches we sell are also weather-proof and some models also have a shatterproof lens. We also supply heavy duty torches and multifunction torches with lantern function or roadside caution light function.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Martin O'Donnell  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  Stood Up To The Weatherproof Tag.!  
  "Got this Energizer LED Torch for the car last week and didn't think I would be using it so soon. Had a puncture last night and ended up using this flash light in the rain. It certainly stood up to the weather proof tag."  
Energizer Small Metal LED Torch 3AAA Ref 633657
  LED Lights Are Super right!  
  "During the winter we had powercut after powercut. I wanted a little torche to help me find my way through the house when the next powercut hit. I stumbled across this Energizer Small LED Torch here at huntoffice. Energizer are always a great and high-quality brand. I was happy when it arrived, the LED lights are super bright and it is the perfect size that I can carry it in my pocket. Thanks huntoffice."  
Billy Quinlivan  
Led Floor Light 230V
  Great Value For Money!  
  " This Led Floor Light  has a tough and exterior takes a lot of knocks with my guys on the site. Really good vision and no bother to bring along to any job when we are tight on deadline  - cable is 2 meters so make asure you have extension cable then you dont have to keep unplugging when moving from area to area. Very Satisified"  
Eddie Mulcahy  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  LED Technology Is Brilliant!  
  "led technology is brilliant, to see it in a energizer torch is even better, and it is weatherproof - oh yeah!"  
Tony Curtin  
Led Industrial Headlight Zone 0
  Extremely Happy!  
  "Extremely happy with this head torch. Beam moves to any direction - not just straignt ahead. I have to say it is very comfortable indeed"  
Energizer Impact LED Torch Weatherproof 28 Lumens 2AA
  Will Work In Any Weather!  
  "Really good quality water proof Energizer torch. Will work in any weather conditions! Very happy with my purchase! thanks huntoffice"