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Need binding covers? Huntoffice supply a wide range of binding cover brands including: GBC, Ibico, Rexel and 5 Star. Selected textures such as leather grain, PVC, polypropylene, Nyrex and gloss, give you the best possible choice when it comes to binding covers . All binding cover finishes come in a selection of colours so your completed bound document can be as unique as you require. Binding covers with windows are also available along with the more traditional full body binding covers.

Choose the front and back cover to suit your style:

Front Cover
Clear: Perfect for showing-off your document title page

Choose from:
- PVC clear
- Polypropylene clear

Back Cover
Opaque or solid covers are available in a variety of different colours and textures
The above opaque covers can also be used as front covers if you don’t want your title page to be immediately on view

Choose from:
- Cardboard
- PVC opaque
- Polypropylene opaque

• PVC covers are tear resistant and available in clear and opaque in various thicknesses
• polypropylene covers are more rigid, tougher, stylish and modern and are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material
• cardboard covers come in a range of finishes and textures to give a traditional appeal to a document presentation, where touch, feel and colour are important

Here's what our customers are saying...

Glenn D  
GBC Pro Binding Combs Plastic 8mm for 45 Sheets of A4 Black 4400321 Pack 100
  Definitely recommend!
  "These GBC binding combs are some of the easiest I have ever used. They easily bind and they help to make the process even quicker than usual by taking out a lot of the guesswork. I'd definitely recommend these to anyone. "  
Harley M  
GBC Pro Binding Combs Plastic 10mm 60 Sheets A4 Black Pack 100
  Great for beginners and experiences binders  
  "Great price for a pack of 100. I always buy GBC binding combs but this was my first time trying the GBC Pro binding combs. They are so much easier to use and great for beginners and experiences binders. They make the whole process quick and simple, increasing productivity."  
Jasper M  
GBC Pro Binding Combs Plastic 16mm for 120 Sheets of A4 Black 4400327 Pack 100
  Would definitely recommend.  
  "These binding combs are definitely true to their capacity stated on huntoffice. There is also room for two hardcovers for increased durability. Would definitely recommend."  

Nina D  
GBC Pro Binding Combs Plastic 19mm 160 Sheets A4 Black Pack 100
  Great Quality!   
  "I love these binding combs. I was new to binding so I decided to buy these because of the guides. They made things so much easier and I got through my binding quickly and without hassle. "  
Mary Long  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm White Pack 100 5 Star
  Good price for quantity  
  "good quality and not too heavy good price for quantity"  
Lucy Kinsella  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm White Pack 100 5 Star
  Unbelievably good value for the pack of 100!  
  "I recently invested in a binding machine as I do a lot of projects and assignments for college, works out cheaper as I usually go to my local office supplies shop and get them to do it for me. Anyways I said I'd try these 5 Star A4 binding combs as they bind up to 35 sheets. Having tested them out I'm delighted with them. I had absolutely no problem using them on the binding machine, I could bind my 25 to 30 odd sheets easily with room to spare. The combs themselves are great quality because they were thrown around a bit in my bag for a few days and they didn't break or the pages didn't come loose which is amazing because I had that problem a few times with the office supplies shop that did them for me previously. Unbelievably good value for the pack of 100, in fairness I probably won't ever use them all I can start charging my friends for doing theirs for them :)"  
Shannon Frost  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm White Pack 100 5 Star
  They're as strong as binding combs can be.  
  "These binding combs at 6mm are small but just the right size for binding our information packs for customers which amounts to about 10 pages in total. To bind the 35 pages as stated it would have to be very very thin paper I would imagine. We've been using these 5 star binding combs for over a year now and I've never experienced any issues when using them with our binding machine which is of the utmost importance to us as 99.9% of the time we bind the individual information packs in front of customers. They're as strong as binding combs can be, from what I can remember there was only one instance where one broke on me which is fantastic value as they come in a pack of 100."  
Ann Jacksons  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm White Pack 100 5 Star
  Amazing quality of product  
  "Very good quality plastic banding combs. 21 ring for A4 paper is perfect for use with all comb binding machines. Amazing quality of product and so low price for pack of 100. thank you"  
Patrick, Kerry  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm Blue Pack 100 5 Star
  Much better value  
  "As we send out large A4 specs to potential customers on a daily basis we need to have binding combs stocked at all times, something that can be easily forgotten. Much better value than our original stockists, 100 6mm combs we would have paid 3 times as much for. Thanks huntoffice will be ordering from ye in future."  
Jacky Long  
Binding Combs Plastic 21 Ring 35 Sheets A4 6mm Blue Pack 100 5 Star
  Really happy with my purchase  
  "I am really happy with my purchase as I ordered A4 6mm plastic binding combs in lovely blue colour and the price was so low i have ordered one more in case pack of 100 will be not enough for all my buckles. thanks"