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Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binder

Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binder

€184.95 ex vat
€227.49 inc vat

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What type of binding machine do you require? Huntoffice have an extensive selection of binding machines catering for all demands. Brands include GBC and Ibico whose range incorporates: comb binders, wire binders, Clickman binders, strip binders, thermal binders and coil binders. We offer electric or manual binding machines with punch capacity starting at 6 pages up to 30 pages and binding capacity from 100 sheets to 500 sheets. Whatever you binding needs, you will find the full range here at Huntoffice.

Here's what our customers are saying...

GBC CombBind 100 Comb Binding Machine
  Arguably the best i have seen  
  "This binder is arguably the best i have seen! it is capable of binding over 100 pages very easily if not more. it can punch up to 8 or 9 sheets which is also very impressive although it could be more. its very light and easy to move around so its perfect for my home office. it can use a4 and a3 so it is very useful for me indeed."  
Geraldine Owen  
5 Star OB08 Comb Binding Machine Manual Binds 115 Sheets For Combs up to 14mm A4
  "Very fast binding and compact size."  
Hannah S  
Fellowes Galaxy 130 Wire Binder Manual 5622401
  Very happy with this purchase  
  "I've owned this binder now for a few weeks and I can honestly say that I don't know how I lived without it until then. Even though it's manual, it's so easy to use and gets things done fast and efficiently, which is perfect for our busy office at work. This binder is the envy of all other binders. I'm very happy with this purchase and honestly wouldn't change this binder at all. "  

Tally, Limerick  
Fellowes Galaxy-E Electric Heavy Duty Wire Binder 5622501
  Would recommend for everyone  
  "This Fellowes heavy duty wire binder is an amazing quality product! Very easy to use, very durable and binds all promised capacity. Would recommend for everyone who is looking for good quality wire binder."  
Kate Spears  
GBC MultiBind 420 Heavy Duty Multifunctional 34/23 Loop Binding Machine 4400435
  Good binder that can do almost everything  
  "This multifunctional binder does it all - Comb, Click, Wire, it has to be the most versatile binder out there. Its also very portable as it shuts flat. Brilliant choice if you need a good binder that can do almost everything."  
Farrah Pedersen  
GBC Multibind 208 Multifunctional Binder 4400110
  Definitely make your job easier.  
  "So so easy to use. Works fast and efficiently, if binding documents etc. is a daily task for you this will definitely make your job easier."  
Dee Shine  
GBC SureBind 500 Strip Binder Manual 4400400
  Perfect for securing all your A4  
  "Perfect for securing all your A4 paper together use the report covers for a better finish to your reports or documents."  
Dark Mark  
GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal Binding Machine 4400410 801599
   Really easy to use and very efficient as well  
  "As for this price the T400 binder comes with a lot of solutions that you would find in really expensive binders. The 400 sheets capacity is definitely the best when it comes to devices in the lower price range. This is my first thermal binder and I have to say I find really easy to use and very efficient as well."  
D Ryan  
GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal Binding Machine 4400410 801599
  Definitely a good purchase  
  "If you have a need for a binding machine that will bind a lot of pages together I would recommend the gbc t400 thermal binding machine. I found it extremely easy to use. I have a 360 pages that needed to be binded and the machine handled the binding no problem. The t400 is fairly cheap considering it a high use machine, definitely a good purchase."  
Caroline Smith  
GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal Binding Machine 4400410 801599
  "This machine has a timer and tells you when the document has finished, you can set it up and come back to it when its done, freeing up time to do other stuff...."