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Monolith Expanding Briefcase PVC Black

Monolith Expanding Briefcase PVC Black

€63.90 ex vat
€78.60 inc vat
Pilots Case Wheelie Black Briefcase

Pilots Case Wheelie Black Briefcase

€159.95 ex vat
€196.74 inc vat
Monolith Blue Line 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase 3314

Monolith Blue Line 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase 3314

RRP: €67.17
€39.90 ex vat
€49.08 inc vat
Monolith Blue Line 13 Inch Chromebook Tablet Briefcase 3315

Monolith Blue Line 13 Inch Chromebook Tablet Briefcase 3315

RRP: €57.57
€36.90 ex vat
€45.39 inc vat

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Here's what our customers are saying...

about Leather-Look Briefcase Black with Shoulder Strap 5 Document Sections Alassio Forte
   Very happy   
  "Very happy with the shoulder strap on this alassio briefcase as it is comfortable to carry. The 5 documents compartments and zipped sections are very useful. I know it is only leather-look but it looks like real."  
 Rita Z.  
about Alassio Ponte Briefcase Mutti-section Expandable by 20mm Leather-look Black 92300
   recommending this product   
  "I got a present of this beautiful black leather look brief case and was very impressed with how expandanble it is and how well it is at keeping its shape and how well it looks. With the multi sections, it is great for organisation. Will be recommending this product. Thanks"  
about Falcon Synthetic Leather Flapover Briefcase 2584
   Really delighted   
  "Really delighted with this briefcase. It looks very stylish and professional and it's really practical too. It has several different pockets and sections to keep all of your documents and stationary well organised so whatever you need is right there when you need it. It's also lockable so it gives great peace of mind knowing all your belongings are safe."  
 Tom O hara   
about Pilots Case PVC Black Briefcase
    really ideal   
  "This pvc pilot case is really ideal for me as im constantly on the go and it offers a huge range of different compartments so il be organised and know where everything is without any major searching . thanks huntoffice"  
 Sarah Smith   
about Pilots Case Wheelie Black Briefcase
   thanks guys   
  "The Pilot Case black wheelie is the suitable case for anyone constantly on to quickly like me. The Pilot Case black wheelie saves me time and energy as I do not, need to lift it around as it has wheels . Its combination lock is also a great feature as no one else can get into it . thanks guys"  
 James Deane   
about Monolith Expanding Briefcase PVC Black
   Thanks guys   
  "This Monolith Expanding Attache Case is such an ideal brief case for me as i was looking for a keenly priced briefcase for a few weeks and i am glad i have chosen the monolith expanding attache case. really great price for a briefcase with gilt combination locks. Thanks guys"  
 Carlton Reeves   
about Monolith Upright Pilot Case Nylon Black Briefcase 2383>
 looks very professional   
  "This case looks very professional and is quite spacious. I use it for business trips, there are lots of different compartments in the bag and that helps to organise when I travel. When empty, the bag is heavy enough. It's not too bad, but if you are flying with an airline that has strict weight regulations for bags, you might want to reconsider bringing this! Although it should be ok to travel with this bag if you travel light or have a large bag allowance too."  
 Richard Mcgrath   
about Monolith Expandable Briefcase Blackbr />
 Thanks Huntoffice   
  "This Monolith Expandable Briefcase is ideal for me as it has plenty of zipped and main compartments to put all my pens notebooks etc. Thanks Huntoffice."