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Stiff Green Pvc Bristle Hygiene Hand Brush

Stiff Green Pvc Bristle Hygiene Hand Brush

€9.45 ex vat
€11.62 inc vat

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Simone Morrisey  
Bentley Rubber Broom and Squeegee with Telescopic Handle
  No Odour  
  "This product really helps cleaning up in the office, I found other mops in the past had to be soaked in bleach after use otherwise you would sometimes get an odour from the cupboard. However the rubber heads on this mop are an excellent idea and don't harbour odours. The cleaning results are also excellent."
Nuala O Leary  
Bentley 305mm Soft Coco Broom with Handle & Bracket
  Good Price  
"Ideal for my flat as it is suitable for light sweeping tasks and jobs. It ahs a soft broom and huntoffice.ie had to delivered promptly."
House estate  
Bentley 305mm Stiff Bassine Broom with Handle & Bracket SPC/F10BKT/C4
  Bentley never dissapoints  
  "Great brush quality on the bentley stiff bassine 12 inch brush. very impressed with the collection it has when brushing the yard."  
Addis Metallic Grey Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set 501043
  Good Quality !  
"Very good quality broom is this Bentley 305mm, 12 inch head brush. very good for the back yard and front pathway to house."
Markus Ryan  
Bentley 610mm Soft Coco Broom with Handle & Bracket
  Nice Long Brush  
  Nice long brush head from Bentley, exact size is 610mm 24". Ideal for large areas and cleans with ease. Soft Coco Broom with Handle & Bracket. thanks Huntoffice.ie"
Simon Wallace  
Bentley 610mm Stiff Bassine Broom with Handle & Bracket
  Good Outdoor Brush  
"Good brush for out door use is thee Bentley 610mm handle also. Easy order online and had next day."
Hughie MacCallister  
Bentley 610mm Stiff Bassine Broom with Handle & Bracket
  "The 24 inch Bentley Broom is the perfect brush for our outdoor area. the bracket built into the brush is good as it gives extra strength as previous brushes have just broke to easy"  
Bentley Soft Bristle Broom/Brush - Ideal For Indoor Sweeping & Cleaning - Chrome Handle, Silver & Black Bristles & 12 Inch Head. Perfect For Any Floor.
"Good brush from Bentley, I like the chrome handle looks well in our canteen, anyhow you can't go wrong with the price so reasonable. I've brought a few Bentley products from HuntOffice.ie so I'm familiar with the quality. Word of warning when looking at brushes make sure you're getting the complete unit i.e. handle and brush head, in this case it's the entire unil but I've seen other brush products on this website and it just handle or just head so could have ordered by mistake."