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Jiffy Branded Bubble Wrap Protective Self Seal Film Bag 230 x 285mm (Pack 300)  BBAG38104

Jiffy Branded Bubble Wrap Protective Self Seal Film Bag 230 x …

RRP: €227.10
€62.90 ex vat
€77.37 inc vat

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Looking for bubble wrap in Ireland? Here at huntoffice we supply all the necessary products to help you with packing. No matter if you require materials for professional purposes or for home use – our range is suitable for both. We sell bags of foam chips that are essential when putting loose fragile items into boxes. We also do a selection of bubble wrap – you can choose different sizes of rolls as well as very handy dispenser boxes. Our products come from leading brands such as Jiffy, Ambassador and Masterline.


• Bubble wrap is one of the most popular packaging materials used for protecting fragile items during shipment and storage. Bubble wrap is available in various sizes which can suit both industrial/business users as well as home users. The smallest bubble wrap rolls that are available on our site are 3m in length and the largest one can be up to 75m long.

• Apart from loose bubble wrap rolls, we also sell bubble wrap in special dispensers which make it easy to cut to the desired length and are handy to store if you are using bubble wrap on regular basis. Standard bubble wrap is made of clear plastic but we also carry a range of green transparent bubble wrap.



Here's what our customers are saying...

R. White   
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll 500mmx100m Clear
  Highly Recommend   
  "I started a small online shop for little personalised trinkets that I make at home. They are very delicate and can easily break in transit. Because I ship worldwide, I had to get an extra layer of protection. This bubble wrap is perfect! The roll is long lasting for me as I try not to use too much of it, and my orders are usually small."  
Amy Barlow  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll Green 750 x 75m
  Great Product   
  "I recently purchased this Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll as I was moving house and wanted something I could trust to protect my fragile items. I would highly recommend this Bubble Wrap Roll, excellent price too as it comes in packs of 4."  
Miriam Broderick  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll Green 750 x 75m
  Great Buy   
  "I sell crockery and china in my shop and have been looking for a suitable wrapping for customers to protect their purchases. The Jiffy Bubble Wrap Roll is the best quality I have ever bought and really protects fragile products. The price for a pack of 4 rolls is very good and we would not be without it! Highly recommended to any gift shops etc who need to package delicate items."  


Sheila Jones  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Film Clear Roll 750mm x 50m
  An Essential   
  "Great value rolls of bubble wrap. Excellent packaging for wrapping our delicate postage items."  


Ailis McNamara  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Film Clear Roll 750mm x 50m
  Great Quality Product   
  "I purchased this roll of bubble film as I was recently moving house and wanted to ensure my delicate items were safely stored away. The pack size was 740x735x740 mm and lasted a lot longer than I taught it would. Hunt Office prices were a couple of pounds cheaper than other website. I will be ordering again from Hunt Office for sure."  



A. James  
Jiffy Bubble Wrap Film Clear Roll 750mm x 50m
  "If anyone is in the middle of moving house or getting ready to move, the next purchase that you make will have to be a roll of this jiffy bubble film roll. It is huge. I recently moved to a new apartment and before I packed anything I bought a roll of this. I wrapped all my delicate items like picture frames, glass ware, kitchen ware, etc, etc using this jiffy bubble film. And the best part was bursting all the bubbles on the wrapping when I moved in. Seriously though, this was a great product and I am so glad that I bought it."