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Colour: White (9)
Weight: 115-199gsm (3) 260gsm upwards (2) 200-210gsm (2) 250gsm (1) 215-240gsm (1)
Card Finish: Standard (6) Satin (2) Matt (1)
Card Per Sheet: 10 Card (3) 2 Card (3) 8 Card (1) 4 Card (1) 1 Card (1)
Pack Size: 25 Sheet (4) 20 Sheet (2) 1000 Sheet (2) 10 Sheet (1)

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Welcome to the Blank Business Cards section of Huntoffice. Looking to try your hand at creating your own business cards? Then look no further than Hunt Office. With our huge range of Blank Business Cards in a variety of different finishes and weights from 115gsm right up to 260gsm, you can create your own professional looking business cards. All of the blank business cards we have available here on Huntoffice come from leading brands Avery and Decadry. 

Why create your own business cards? 

• Getting business cards printed by an outside source can work out extremely expensive, especially when you think about all of the additional costs that are included, and after all that you may not get the finished design you had hoped for. By printing your own business cards you are saving a significant amount of money on printing charges, plus you are under no limitation with regards to design, you will be in complete control of what the finished product looks like. 

• All of this said, going down the route of designing and printing your own business cards can be a very daunting thought. There are many blank templates available to help you and with blank business cards available for very reasonable prices, you can do a few test prints to perfect your finished business card. You can download free design templates from the Decadry and Avery websites. 

Blank Business Cards available on Huntoffice:

• We have a wide variety of blank business cards from Avery and Decadry in a range of paper weights and finishes depending on the quality of business card you want to go for. You can choose from matt, satin and glossy finishes. The higher the gsm and smoother the finish of the blank business card, the more expensive the finished business card will look and feel. 

• If you have a lot of information you want to put on your business card and don’t want it to look too crowded and cramped, double sided blank business cards would be a good choice. Many large businesses go for this option, commonly basic information like name, address, phone number, web address and email etc. is printed on the front, while any additional information is printed on the back. Double sided business cards are a fantastic way of informing potential customers of all your services without giving out additional flyers and brochures; all the important information is on the one handy small business card. suppies Blank Business Cards throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Dublin.