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Here's what our customers are saying...

about Cable Curb Rubber Single Channel 10x30mm 1.5m Length Accodata
  I'm very happy   
  "I got a couple of these from you for my office a few weeks ago and I'm very happy I did now. Just having the cables tidied away subtly with these curbs makes my office look much less cluttered. They're rubber too so you dont slip if you stand on them and they're also quite flat so wheels don't get stuck on them either"  
Peter Taylor   
about Cable Curb Rubber Single Channel 1.5m Length 59100 Accodata
  easy to insert   
  "I bought this rubber cable curb to tidy down some cables from the Christmas lights which were becoming a little bit of a hazard trailing across the floor. Worked as described, cables were easy to insert and the 1.5m length was more than enough to keep the cables in place. Now that the Christmas lights are down I use it on the computer cables."  
Sylvia Yarnell   
about Cable Tidy Band Reusable Hook Loop 1.2M Black D-Line
  reduces the mess in any office   
  "This cable reduces the mess in any office and makes things a lot safer. "  

about Cable Curb Rubber Single Channel 10x30mm 1.5m Length Accodata
   Durable, good quality  
  This cable curb is in my warehouse, using it for protecting cables from our lights and its durable, good quality and the rubber is still like new.  
about Cable Curb Rubber Single Channel 10x30mm 1.5m Length Accodata
  Great customer service  
  I was looking for cable protecting curb and I have spotted it on HuntOffice. After 5 minutes call, I was sure I have found the right product. The lady from customer service team was brilliant at her job, she advice me this cable curb and i'm delighted to have this.