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More About Universal Chargers & Power Adapters

More About Universal Chargers & Power Adapters
There is nothing worse when a battery runs low on your mobile phone or laptop device. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. Luckily for you, at Hunt Office Ireland we have a large selection of chargers for your iPhone, Android or laptop. Many jobs and lines of work require international travel, so we provide universal chargers and solar power chargers.The main brands we supply are Duracell, Kensington, Pama and more. In addition we also provide power adapters, extension leads and electrical timers, so you can stay charged and connected wherever you are.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Finbarr O'Reilly  
 Snopake VariPlug Universal Travel Adapter USB Output Black
   Great product !  
  "Handy little adapter to have. I'm constantly flying to different continents for work & this has saved me big time! Great product"  
Dan Nolan  

 4 Way Extension Lead Micromark Cable 0.75 meters MM22294
   long lasting and reliable  
  "I have found the Micromark extension leads to be of good quality, long lasting and reliable."  
Noreen Ryan  
4 Way Extension Lead Micromark Cable 0.75 meters MM22294
  I would definitely recommend this.  
  "I purchased the micromark 2 meter extension lead and have to say it is great quality in comparison to some other cheaper brands I have purchased in hardware shops. I would definitely recommend this."  

Miles Roche  
Extension Lead 6 Way Individually Switched Cable 2m White MM22288
  "Handy 6-Way extension lead, cheap too compared to others i have seen and bought."  
Extension Lead 6 Way Individually Switched Cable 2m White MM22288
  Works perfectly!  
  "Purchased this 6-way extension lead to sort out the mass of plugs around the TV. I didn't need a long cable so the 2 metre is perfect, didn't want more cable than I needed. What I like about this extension lead is that each outlet has an individual neon on/off indicator light, very handy. Works perfectly so not much else to say, does what I need it to do :)"  
CED 4-Way Extension Lead 13amp 2 Metres Neon White CEDTS4213M
  Thanks huntoffice  
  "I bought this extension lead from huntoffice because of the brilliant value. You could easily spend 15 or more euros on an extension lead in a hardware shop, or a supermarket. It works fine, and works just as well with all four sockets in use. Thanks huntoffice."  
Denise H  
CED 4-Way Extension Lead 13amp 3 Metres White CEDTS4513M
   I can to reduce the electricity we use!  
  "There was another product similar to this on the site, but I choose this extension lead because it is 3 metres long, and it also has a switch to turn the power to the extension lead on or off. With a high ESB bill I try to do everything I can to reduce the electricity we use!"  
Cathy Toomey  
CED 4-Way Extension Lead 13amp 5 Metres Neon White CEDTS4513M
   Easy and quick!  
  "Since we moved house, there has been a noticeable difference in the amount of power sockets available to us. This was an easy and quick solution to that problem."  
Extension Cable Semi-Enclosed Reel 20 Metre 13Amp 4-Socket 377109
  Great, portable  
  "Great, portable, durable extension lead case, the sockets are very firm - hold plugs without using connection, even if you would pull the lead very hard. "