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Canteen is a vital part of any company and it is important to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. To ensure the well-being of employees, the canteen area must be designed with flexibility and comfort in mind.
At Hunt Office Interiors we hold a wide range of canteen tables to suit any taste and budget. Our collection of folding tables is an affordable choice that allows maximum flexibility. They can be used for multiple purposes and stored away when not used to get the best use of space available. Alternatively, our stackable tables are also a great flexible solution and give a space-saving functionality. We offer durable height-adjustable tables that fit various uses from eating to casual meetings. We also offer beautiful, top of the range designer dining tables. With a minimalistic design, they bring a touch of contemporary feel to any modern cafe or bistro. Our complete collection of canteen tables is available in variety of colours, sizes, shapes and materials to suit any requirements. Choose between standard circular, semi-circular or rectangular shapes or opt for a more creative design.
Stackable Tables 
We continuously work on improving our furniture ranges with the best products found on the market. Our canteen range is intended for wide range of environments with selection suiting anyone’s individual needs. Our stackable canteen tables provide a great space-saving functionality when stacked up while not in use. A lot of companies may have limited space available for dining and canteen areas and stackable furniture is a great way of maximising the space available.
Hunt Office Interiors offers a wide range of stackable tables – ideal for stacking chairs. Stacking tables are available in a wide range of sizes, materials and colours. Choose the best fitting solution for your company from an endless line of tables.
High Tables 
Canteen area is often one of the busiest areas in the modern office environment. Specific attention should be paid to the type of furniture selected for your dining and canteen areas. High tables are ideal for cafes providing superior comfort. At Hunt Office Interiors, you will find a very broad range of high tables perfectly suited for canteen high chairs.
Our range of high tables is available in variety of colours, sizes and materials. High tables not only look good but provide a sense of freedom while creating an aesthetic environment. High tables can be sometimes height-adjustable ideal for multi-purpose use in any office environment.
Create a beautiful and welcoming canteen area with our versatile range of high tables.
Modern Tables 
For interior designers and architects, canteen can be seen as empty canvas for complete freedom of design being suitable for bolder choices of furniture. Modern cafe tables are a great way of adding a fresh modern design to your canteen areas. At Hunt Office Interiors, we offer a range of modern canteen tables in wide choice of sizes, colours, materials and shapes.
Our contemporary line of tables is characterised as sleek and stylish and look good with any type of interior design. Transform your dining area with high-end range of tables used in top companies in the world.
Our most advanced tables have been designed by interior designers providing a unique and superior product.
Traditional Tables
Traditional style of canteen areas is timeless and looks very elegant in any type of dining spaces. Our broad range of canteen furniture has been designed to cater for any specific needs, styles and budgets. We take great pride in our classic furniture line and guarantee complete satisfaction with the highest quality and a great design.
Choose from our broad range of traditional canteen tables creating an authentic and rustic feel to your cafe. As canteen area tend to be one of the busiest areas in the office place, particular attention should be paid to the furnishings. Classic style furniture is a fail-proof choice guarantying complete satisfaction for many years. Invest in your canteen with the highest quality tables. Our classic range comes in a large selection of colours with dark rich tones like walnut and beech topping the list of most popular choices for traditional interior designs.
Want to create a new canteen or update your furniture? At Hunt Office Interiors, we work closely with our clients ensuring complete satisfaction. Allow us to help your transform your office space. Contact Hunt Office Interiors to discuss your individual needs and we will provide you with a professional advice and a no-hassle quotation.