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Carpet tiles are a perfect for use in contemporary working environments. They are easy to assemble, install, remove and replace and also easy to keep maintain and clean.
Hunt Office Interiors offer a wide range of popular carpet tiles in different colours, formats, textures and patterns. Typically square format is the most popular shape of carpet tile.
We also offer a new range of geometric modular carpet tiles-rectangular tiles. Grey and blue coloured carpet tiles are very often selected for offices flooring. The variety of colours allows you to create various geometric shapes and patterns. Carpet tiles can create a new style and freshness in any classroom, library, or office environments.
The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is that carpet tiles can be replaced when they get dirty or stained. This is the main reason for their popularity in offices.
With Hunt Office Team you can create distinctive workspace floor design. Our carpet tiles gives unusual flexibility, durability and creativity.