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Cash Registers that you will find on are suitable for small and medium businesses which stock up to 10000 items within their range.
They are ideal for convenience shops, boutiques, pubs and restaurants, newsagents, etc. The cash registers that you will find here are extremely affordable and easy to use machines which can be set up by the user without any hassle. We also stock cash register supplies such as cash register rolls that are an essential part of day to day use of a cash register. The biggest advantage of cash registers that you will find on our site is that they don’t require any technicians and extra cost to have them up and running. Most of the registers come with a quick set up guide which in a brief and clear way explains how to program the cash register and have it ready to work in a matter of minutes.

Remember that when getting a new cash register it is worth to spend some time to get familiar with how it works and what the available functions are before you actually put it for permanent use. Since all the cash registers aren’t programmed when you take them out of the box it allows you to custom all the buttons and codes in a way that is the most efficient and convenient for your type of business. Every cash register allows you to set up a certain amount of department codes and item codes so that you can track the sales of particular products and lines. The only supply that you really need to get for your cash register are printer rolls. Cash registers use thermal printing so thermal paper rolls are one thing you will need to replace after the roll comes to an end. You don’t need to worry that you might run out of printing roll in the middle of a transaction as every roll is marked red at the last few meters so that you can be ready for replacing it with a new one.

Replacing the roll is very straight forward and quick. The cash registers within our range come from well-known manufacturers like Sharp and Casio which guarantees high quality and long lifespan of the cash registers. In general cash registers are very sturdy and reliable machines which last for years.