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Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to back pain and feeling uncomfortable, so it’s important to find the right back (lumbar) support for your chosen chair.


At Hunt Office Ireland we have a range of back supports to choose from, suitable for a range of chairs. Choose from mesh or soft fabric back support and see for yourself how these ergonomic supports can make a difference.


Portable chair back support is a type of accessory designed to provide ergonomic support and comfort to individuals while sitting in various types of chairs, especially those that lack proper lumbar support. These supports are typically lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for use at home, in the office, or while traveling.


Chair Back Supports Ireland


Lumbar Roll or Pillow Back Support

These are small cushions or rolls designed to fit in the lower back region, providing support to the natural curve of the spine. They can be placed behind your lower back when sitting in a chair to help maintain good posture.


Mesh Back Support

These are often made of a mesh fabric that allows for airflow, making them suitable for hot and humid conditions. They usually attach to the backrest of a chair and provide lumbar support.


Memory Foam Cushion

Memory foam chair cushions conform to the shape of your body, offering personalized support. They can be used both for lumbar support and for general cushioning.


Inflatable Back Support

These supports can be inflated or deflated to adjust the level of support based on personal preference. They are highly portable and can be easily carried in a bag.


Posture Corrector Straps

 Some portable supports come with straps or harnesses that you can attach to your chair to help maintain proper posture. These can also serve as a reminder to sit up straight.


Ergonomic Seat Cushions

 While not exclusively for back support, ergonomic seat cushions can also contribute to better posture and comfort when sitting for extended periods. They often feature a contour design to promote proper alignment.

When choosing a portable chair back support, consider your specific needs, the type of chairs you'll be using it with, and your budget. It's important to ensure that the support you choose fits comfortably in the chair and provides the right level of support for your back to help prevent discomfort and maintain good posture, especially during long periods of sitting.


Benefits Of Using A Chair Back Support

Using a portable chair back support can offer several benefits, especially when sitting for extended periods or in chairs that lack proper lumbar support.


Here are some of the advantages:

Improved Posture

 One of the primary benefits is improved posture. Portable chair back supports are designed to encourage proper spinal alignment, which can reduce the risk of slouching or hunching over. Good posture can help alleviate back and neck pain.

Reduced Back Pain

By providing adequate lumbar support, these supports can help reduce lower back pain and discomfort, which is a common issue for people who sit for prolonged periods.


 Portable chair back supports are designed to increase overall sitting comfort. They can alleviate pressure points and provide a cushioned surface for your back, making long sitting sessions more comfortable.


These supports are portable and can be easily moved from one chair to another, making them versatile for use in various settings, such as the office, car, home, or while traveling.

Customisable Support

 Many portable chair back supports are adjustable or come in different shapes and sizes. This allows users to customize the level of support to their liking, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic fit.

Prevention of Strain and Fatigue

 Using a portable chair back support can help prevent muscle strain and fatigue that can occur from sitting with poor posture for extended periods. This can improve productivity and focus.

Promotion of Spinal Health

 Proper lumbar support can help maintain the natural curvature of the spine, promoting spinal health over the long term. It can also reduce the risk of developing spinal issues related to poor posture.

Enhanced Circulation

 Some chair back supports are designed with ergonomic features that promote better blood circulation, reducing the risk of numbness and tingling in the legs and buttocks.

Stress Reduction

 Improved comfort and support can reduce the physical stress and discomfort associated with sitting for long hours, contributing to a more relaxed and less tense state of mind.

Increased Productivity

 When you're more comfortable and in less pain, you're likely to be more focused and productive. A portable chair back support can help you stay on task and work efficiently.

It's important to note that while portable chair back supports can offer these benefits, they are not a replacement for regular movement and breaks. It's still essential to stand up, stretch, and change positions periodically to maintain overall health and prevent the negative effects of prolonged sitting.


Additionally, the effectiveness of a chair back support can vary depending on the individual and the specific design of the support, so it's a good idea to try different options to find one that works best for you.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Harry, Mayo  
Fellowes Mesh Back Support Black 8036501
  Would Recommend this Product!  
  "Comfortable Arms ideal for office chair - adjustable aswell.""I was constantly getting pain in my back when sitting, so bought this lumbar support with the high hopes that it might help the situation a bit, but was hugely surprised of how much it has helped me! Great back support and I love the mesh, as it is breathable. Would recommend this product!"  
 Chair Back Support with Removable Cover Adjustable Strap Black Compucessory
  Great Quality!   
  "I work in a call centre and having to spend so much time sitting to answer the telephone, my back was aching every day after work. I went onto the Hunt Office Website and saw these Compucessory Backrests. The design of them supports the back and waist while sitting. Exactly what I needed. I went into work the following day and spoke with our senior supervisor and he suggested that we order one and do a trial on it before we buy anything. So I did, I ordered from Hunt Office and had it within 2 days. I used it for a week and then told my supervisor that we need to get one for everybody. Which we subsequently did. Thank You Hunt Office. My back owes you one."  
Anthony f  
 Chair Back Support with Removable Cover Adjustable Strap Black Compucessory
  Very Comfortable!   
  "These are a great addition to any office. The straps are adjustable so fit to most standard office chairs and they're very comfortable and well designed, definitely help reduce back strain on employees who have to sit at their desk for several hours each day."  
Christina, Cork  
 5 Star Office Mesh Back Rest Black
  Very Comfortable!   
  "So handy, I needed a back support for my chair and this is perfect and i dont need to buy a new chair. Very comfortable to use and supports my lower back"  
Wally, Dublin  
 Fellowes Portable Chair Lumbar Support Soft-brushed Cover Adjustable-straps Ref 9190701
  Very Good Product!   
  "I work in three offices and sometimes work from home. This compact mobile back rest is travelling with me all of the time! It really helps me with the back pain and tension and can be easily strapped on any chair in any of my offices! Very good product!"  
Miriam Dalkey  
 Fellowes Professional Series Heat and Soothe Back Support Ref 9190001
  Great Product!   
  "If you are getting back support for your chair I would go one step forward and purchase the heat and soothe chair back support from Fellowes. It is easy to use and the gel stays warm for ages. I constantly get lower back pain caused by sitting at a pc for more than 9 hours per day. If I sit correctly it definitely helps but sometimes I just get complacent and end up with lower back pain the following day. Fortunately my colleague had the Fellowes heat and soothe chair support and it helped so much."  
Helen, Cork  
Mesh Fabric Back Support For Chairs With Tri-tensioner Attachment Fellowes Office Suite
  Would Highly Recommend!   
  "I have bought this mesh back support for my chair about a month ago, as it was recommended for me by our ergonomics specialist. And I already can feel the difference! Sitting correctly and having maximum lumbar support truly makes a difference in how i feel: my back pain is gone and so is my tiredness! This back support is great, as it can be easily attached to any chair, great for me to take it away with me for the few days when I am working in the other office. Would highly recommend!"  
Robert, Limerick  
Mesh Fabric Back Support For Chairs With Tri-tensioner Attachment Fellowes Office Suite
   Very Good Quality!   
  "if your work requires spending a lot of time siting by a desk you definitely know that it's a killer for your back. i got this fellowes back support about a month ago and it is a huge improvement. not only it gives my back an extra support but the mesh fabric it is made of allows the air to flow which is so handy especially if working in a air conditioned office. it is very good quality as well and i hope it will serve me for a long long time."  
Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support Ref 8029901
    I Would Recommend this to any one Looking for a Back Support for their Office Chair!   
  "Our office has become very concerned with ergonomics in recent weeks which has led us to totally revamping our workspaces. This is one of the products which i am now using as a result. I find such an improvement to my back since using this. The support is brilliant, it can be used on almost any chair and the memory foam lumbar support is adjustable. i would recommend this to any one looking for a back support for their office chair"  
Barbara M.  
Fellowes Professional Series Mesh Back Support Ref 8029901
  Great Quality!   
  "This great back support makes my working day so much better, at the end of it I dont feel tired and my back tension is gone. The mesh fabric is very flexible and also breathable. "