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Outdoor Ashtray: Tidiness and Convenience

An outdoor ashtray is a fundamental element in maintaining a clean and organized smoking area. These units are designed to provide a designated space for smokers to safely dispose of their cigarette butts and ash, reducing litter and fire hazards. In this section, we'll explore the benefits of outdoor ashtrays, emphasizing their role in enhancing the tidiness of public spaces and making it easier for smokers to responsibly manage their waste.

Smoking Bin Stand: Supporting Responsible Disposal

A smoking bin stand serves as a reliable support system for outdoor ashtrays and smoking bins. It ensures that these waste receptacles are securely in place, preventing unwanted movement or damage. This subsection will delve into the importance of smoking bin stands in outdoor smoking areas, emphasizing their role in promoting responsible disposal practices and helping to keep designated smoking zones clean and well-organized.

Outdoor Smoking Bins: Clean and Safe Smoking Zones

Outdoor smoking bins are essential components of a well-maintained smoking zone, as they provide a centralized location for disposing of cigarette waste. These bins are specifically designed to handle the unique needs of smokers while keeping outdoor areas tidy and safe. In the following segment, we will discuss the functionality and advantages of outdoor smoking bins, underlining their contribution to creating cleaner and safer outdoor spaces for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Types of Cigarette Bins

The range of cigarette bins that we carry here is designed for outdoor use and comes in different styles to suit individual requirements.

Wall Mounted

One of the most popular types of cigarette bins is a wall mounted cigarette bin/ashtray. These cigarette bins resemble letter boxes in shape and size they are made of stainless steel which makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions. Wall mounted cigarette bins are lockable and usually contain an inner container which makes emptying the bin easy and tidy. To minimise fire risk, professional cigarette bins come with internal baffles that trap the smoke and prevent combustion. Because of their size and capacity, wall mounted cigarette bins are very popular among pubs, restaurants, hotels and small/medium workplaces.

Wall mounted cigarette bin

Floor Standing

Free standing cigarette bins are the other type of cigarette butts disposal solution; due to their size and capacity they are often placed in locations with large footfall or wherever the wall mounted type isn’t suitable. These cigarette bins come in shapes similar to traditional bins as well as cigarette waste poles. Such outdoor cigarette bins are easy to empty as they come with internal containers or they are fitted with pull out handles that allow quick disposal of cigarette butts and ash. Fire risk is also minimised thanks to various systems, such as extinguishing screens, steel chambers or sand.

Floor standing cigarette bin


It is Law 

Smoking in Ireland is banned fully in the general workplace, enclosed public places, restaurants, bars, education facilities, healthcare facilities and public transport. 

However, it is permitted in designated hotel rooms and there is no ban in residential care, prisons and in outdoor areas.

no smoking sign


To help you control and indicate smoking and no smoking areas we offer you wide range of Smoking Area SignsNo-Smoking Signs, Cigarette Bins as well as Smoking Shelters.



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Here's what our customers are saying...

 Cigarette Bin Rubbermaid Black 9W30-00-BLA
  This Cigarette bin is Very Stylish Looking and doesn't at all Take Away from the Appearance of the Building!
  "I love the way this cigarette bin doesn't look like a cigarette bin! I work in a retail outlet that doesn't have room out the back for a designated smoking area so we had to put it out front. This cigarette bin is very stylish looking and doesn't at all take away from the appearance of the building."  
Teddy Farnham  
  Cigarette Bin Rubbermaid Black 9W30-00-BLA
   Less Cleaning for us and it Empties Really Easily!  
  "I run a little business and every day we had to go outside and clean up after the smokers that used the premises. My staff were constantly complaining about the smokers outside our business, standing there and just throwing their ends on the pavement with no regard to any other person. We invested in one of these rubbermaid cigarette bins and in fairness to the people who stand outside, they will all now use the rubbermaid cigarette bin. Less cleaning for us and it empties really easily. Also, what we have found about this one is that there is no lingering smell from it, probably has something to do with the design."  
J Hogson  
Rubbermaid Landmark Cigarette Bin Durable Plastic 189 Litre Green 3965-58
  Great Idea and Perfect for use Both Outdoors and Smoking Areas!  
  "This cigarette bin was the ideal solution to the messy smoking area. We used to spend a lot of time sweeping up cigarettes when we had the old cigarette bin but since getting this rubbermaid cigarette bin it's been significantly reduced because it doubles as an ashtray / bin. Great idea and perfect for use both outdoors and smoking areas."  
Charles Fowler  
 Ashtray Cigarette Bin Black Capacity 17 L Durable
   It is Large and Sturdy and doesn't Blow over in the Wind!  
  "I run a small business and needed a cigarette bin to stop my premises being scattered with cigarette butts. This particular bin is great. It is large and sturdy and doesn't blow over in the wind. Great price and fast delivery!"  
Daniel, Dublin  
Durable Ash Bin Wall-mounted Capacity 4 Litres W310xD107xH450mm Stainless Steel Ref 3334/23
   Excellent Value for Such a Good Quality Cigarette Bin!  
  "Recently renovate our smoking area and went for this particular cigarette bin as we have limited space. The cigarette bin is made of stainless steel which means it will last for years. Excellent value for such a good quality cigarette bin."  
Denis Quaine  
 Rubbermaid Smokers Pole Aluminium Weather Resistant Easy Cigarette Disposal R1BK
  It's Very Sturdy!  
  "I got this Rubbermaid smokers pole for a small smoking area. It's very sturdy, which is something I was initially worried about as our smoking area is quite open so there would be a lot of wind at times but the smokers pole has a heavy base so it doesn't budge. Cigarette disposal is easy as well which is another bonus."  
Jude Archer  
SYR Black Combi Ash Stand/Bin Pack of 1 X0086209
  Perfect for my Small Business!  
  "Perfect for my small business. I weighed it down with a little water which is just for my own piece of mind as I don't want it to topple over in the wind. It helps to extinguish the cigarettes too to stop any fires!"  
Liam McEvoy  
Q-Connect Black 2.7 Litre Ash Bin Pack of 1 KF04271
  This Ash Bin is Very Good Value!  
  "This ash bin is very good value"  
Marlen Mcbain  
 Q-Connect Black 7 Litre Ash Bin Pack of 1 KF04386
  Very Good Quality Ash Bin!  
  "Very good quality ash bin, last very long and is also very easy to access "  
Scarlett Higgins  
 Black Hooded Top 6.6 Litre Cigarette Ash Tower Bin Pack of 1 317469
  It's Just Large Enough for my Needs and it's Easy to Clean!  
  "Great ash bin. It's just large enough for my needs and it's easy to clean. The hooded top is a nice touch. Not only is it practical but it looks nice. Great price and fast delivery also. "