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Looking for disposable or rubber cleaning, catering or household gloves?

Welcome to Huntoffice Cleaning, Catering and Household Gloves section, where we have a range of various hand protection gloves available to choose from, no matter what are your needs and requirements. In all aspects of life, whether at home, at work, or anywhere else, there are dangers. In many cases, these dangers come from chemicals and cross contamination. Adequate protection and hygiene are very important, because the consequences of bad hygiene or careless usage of chemicals may be disastrous. There are various accessories that cater to these needs, such as protective sheets, masks, dust caps and of course, gloves. There are many types of protective gloves that can be used in home, industrial cleaning activities and food preparation.


The variety of protective gloves sold online is rich, and the choice can be difficult to make if buyers are not supplied with the information about the requirements that gloves should meet. When choosing the right type of gloves for their cleaning or catering needs, people should be aware of the advantages of the types of gloves available for sale, and how efficiently they protect their hands from water and chemicals which are an indispensable part of cleaning. Glove size, fit, the material glove is made of, even the colour of the gloves are an important factors when making a choice. In order to choose the correct glove for a particular task, one must first understand the various features of hygiene and chemical protection gloves, and how those features affect their usage. Most Cleaning, Catering and Household Gloves are one-time-use for the hygiene reasons.


There is also a variety or everyday household rubber cleaning gloves available that can be re-used if taking care of properly. The Cleaning, Catering and Household Gloves come in different sizes ranging from small to extra large. Choosing the correct size of glove is essential to ensure user comfort and maximum dexterity.

Glove size guidelines:

To find your appropriate glove size, measure the width of your hand from the base between and index finder and the thumb.

Please Note: Although many manufacturers strive to maintain these dimensions, some variance may exist.

• 80-85mm (3 ¼ – 3 ½ in) – Small • 90-100mm (3 ½ – 4 in) – Medium

• 100-110mm (4 – 4 ½ in) – Large

• 115-120mm (4 ½ - 4 ¾ in) – Extra Large Disposable and reusable


Cleaning, Catering and Household Gloves can come in many different colours. The question of colour might seem not important, but is surely worth considering, if colour coding system is applied for cleaning and food preparation tasks in different departments, such as hospital environment where cross-contamination is possible, the colour of a glove can be used to identify to which area the glove belongs.



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  "i really appreciate the convenience of getting gloves online, i used to get them from some companies that send out their reps to shops and then you have to go through a order form on which you don't even see what are you getting and then you never now exactly when you going to get them... here it is so straight forward - what you see is what you get and you get it next day. useful for anyone who has a business like me. i run a deli in the city and vinyl gloves are essential for our work. the price is competitive as well as for a box of good quality gloves that are ideal for food preparation."  
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Caterpack Rubber Gloves Medium Pack (6 Pairs) 174028 Ref 0068
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Caterpack Rubber Gloves Medium Pack (6 Pairs) 174028 Ref 0068
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