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Clock in systems are an extremely efficient and reliable way of tracking your employees attendance and performance at work as well as providing the necessary details for you HR and payroll purposes. Clock in systems are implemented in a huge variety of industries – convenience shops, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing and logistics. You can even use such systems in small businesses with 5+ employees and in huge workplaces with couple of thousand workers.
Clock in systems are beneficial for both employers and employees – it makes sure that workers are paid exactly for the time they have been working including overtime hours, encourages punctuality, prevents fraud, and speeds up payroll and accounting work in the company.

Card Clocking In Machines – this is the most basic type of clocking in system which operates by inserting a card timesheet into a dedicated slot on the clock which then prints the time on it. Such method of clocking in is cheap to implement as it is not a very complicated system. It requires manual processing of calculating wages and hours worked – some of higher models of clocking in machines have a self-calculating function which provides a total of hours worked in a particular period.

Contact Free Clocking In Machines – these are more advanced devices and are more of a system than a stand-alone device. Such clocks can be networked and the data can be accessed in real time via a computer. Employees use an electronic card or fob which they only need to hold near the sensor on the clock so that their record is stored. Such system is the fastest way of clocking in as it doesn't require any physical contact with the clocking in machine. These types of attendance systems also allow linking with payroll systems which saves a lot of office work in any HR department.

Biometric Clocking In Machines – this is the most advanced type of electronic attendance systems. Employees clock in simply by placing their finger or palm of their hand on a scanner which then recognizes them and records the time of clocking in/out. Such systems are the best way of preventing “buddy clocking” where one employee clocks in for another by using their clock in card. With biometric clocks it is impossible to clock in or out without the physical presence of the employee.