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Sage Precision Brewer Thermal

Sage Precision Brewer Thermal

€199.90 ex vat
€245.88 inc vat
Bravilor Mondo Coffee Machine

Bravilor Mondo Coffee Machine

€662.99 ex vat
€815.48 inc vat
Bru F45M 1.8L Jug Manual

Bru F45M 1.8L Jug Manual

€539.50 ex vat
€663.59 inc vat
Buffalo Twin Coffee Jug Hotplate

Buffalo Twin Coffee Jug Hotplate

€104.99 ex vat
€129.14 inc vat

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Fancy a brew and sick of instant coffee? Treat yourself to some freshly brewed coffee from one of Huntoffice coffee makers. Expand your choices and have the option of using the ground coffee you want, brewed freshly in a coffee maker. Our variety of drip brew style coffee makers are designed to take fine coffee grinds, filter them using a paper filter and drip the brewed coffee from the machine into a pouring jug.
Before you choose the coffee maker that’s right for you, there a few aspects that are worth to consider, such as coffee makers capacity, temperature control, filter type and timer and other programmable features. Here in Huntoffice coffee maker buyers guide we provide relevant information about the most important features of drip filter coffee makers to help you of making the right choice.
Drip filter coffee makers feature unique coffee brewing system: drip filter coffee maker takes water, heats it, and flushes it through coffee grinds through a coffee filter down into the carafe. The carafe sits on a hot pad that keeps the brewed coffee hot.
Drip filter coffee makers are popular for their convenience and ease of use. Filter drip coffee makers consist of a power base, a water reservoir, a heating element, filter, filter holder, a carafe and carafe stand. The drip filter coffee maker carafes usually have dripless design, the water reservoirs are easy to fill, the filter baskets are easy to remove and re-insert. Drip filter coffee makers feature simple and intuitive user control system and indicator lights for letting user to know, when the coffee is ready, also feature with auto shut-off function. Some of the drip filter coffee maker models have a brew-pause feature, that halts the flow of coffee long enough to pour 1 cup. More advanced model technologies feature touch-screen control systems, water filtration systems, temperature control and coffee strength control systems etc.
Drip Filter Coffee Maker Capacity:
Drip filter coffee makers are great at making large quantities of coffee and keeping them warm.  The capacity of drip filter coffee maker is one of the most important features to consider before you buy. Calculating how many cups of coffee you, members of your household or staff members in the office canteen drink daily is an important aspect of how to choose a coffee maker.  Drip filter coffee makers come in different capacities.  Drip filter coffee makers usually have a carafe capacity ranging from 1 to 15 regular size cups. A full standard coffee maker carafe usually consists of 8-14 cups and takes anywhere from 5-12 minutes to complete the brew cycle. These standard drip filter coffee makers are suitable for large households and business premises, such as office canteens, boardrooms, reception areas, small deli counters, cafes and other catering outlets.  If you need to brew only 2-3 cups of coffee at the time, doing so in a large capacity coffee maker can result in flavour loss, as the grounds are spread over a wider area and the brewing process is not completed the way it is designed to. Smaller drip filter coffee makers are available to buy and some full-size coffee makers offer a 1-4-cup feature to brew coffee from the smaller quantity of coffee grounds, if needed. There is also commercial coffee drip filter coffee makers available featuring larger carafe capacity ranging from 28 to 40 cups. These commercial coffee makers are designed for hotel breakfast buffets, self service cafes and other large catering areas.

Drip Filter Coffee Maker’s Carafe:
Considering the times of day when you drink coffee is also important when deciding what drip filter coffee maker to choose. If you have your first cup in the morning and your last one in the afternoon, and you want coffee maker keep it fresh and hot, you should be aware of different coffee maker carafe types. Most drip filter coffee makers have the glass carafes, which don’t hold heat that long. Stainless steel thermal coffee makers are great for keeping your coffee fresh-tasting longer as they feature stainless steel thermal carafes with double walls to keep your coffee hot for hours.
Drip Filter Coffee Maker’s Temperature:
The ideal temperature for brewing coffee is 90-95 °C. Many drip coffee makers are not capable of maintaining temperatures in this range throughout the brewing process. It is advised by professionals to buy the coffee maker that has a heater powerful enough (1,400 watts) to achieve the perfect coffee brewing temperature.
Drip Filter Coffee Maker’s Water-Management Features:
There are three main Drip filter coffee maker water management features to consider before buying:  the water filter, the water dispersion through the coffee grinds method, and coffee grinds pre-soaking feature.
Some of the drip filter coffee makers have a water filter build in. The water filter improves the quality of the water used in coffee brewing, resulting in better-tasting coffee. Drip filter coffee makers with a water filter can also last longer because the removal of impurities from the water prevents the build up of lime-scale in the coffee maker. Some more expensive coffee makers feature a shower-head water flush system to evenly distribute water to the coffee grinds.  This technology ensures that all of the coffee grinds receive the same amount of water to improve flavour extraction. Many luxury drip filter coffee makers enable user to adjust the amount of time for ground coffee pre-soaking. Coffee grinds tend to swell during brewing, and swelling is usually greater the fresher the roast is. If the beans are freshly roasted, you can pre-soak them for longer to achieve better coffee flavour and aroma.
Drip Filter Coffee Maker with Built-In Coffee Bean Grinder:
Some drip filter coffee makers have a built-in coffee bean grinder, enabling user to grind coffee beans to different texture and brew the coffee in the same machine. It is a great feature so there is  no need to buy a separate grinder and bean-to-cup coffee makers make the whole process more efficient and convenient.
Drip Filter Coffee Maker with Programmable Settings:
Some Drip Filter Coffee Makers have programmable settings which can help user to adapt the coffee maker to personal habits and routine. These settings include:
• Automatic Start (Enables user to set the time to start brewing coffee)
• Automatic Shut-Off (Turns the coffee maker's heating element off after a set period of time)
• Small-Batch Brewing (Adjusts water flow accordingly if user wants to brew fewer cups than coffee maker is designed to brew)
• Brew-Strength Regulation

Here at Huntoffice Coffee Makers Section we have a variety of drip filter coffee makers available to buy online from various brands such as Morphy Richards, Burko in various styles and capacities. What’s more, we deliver nation wide including Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway.