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Looking for products to clean your PC or laptop with? Here at Huntoffice Computer Cleaning Products section we offer a great selection of products which help to maintain your computer in the best condition. Our range is especially designed to clean electronic devices and should be helpful in extending and preserving the life of your equipment. Computer cleaning products available on our site: • Air Dusters – this the computer cleaning must-have, they come in a form of can with compressed air which can be used for cleaning any computer and electronic equipment. Since the air is sprayed trough a thin straw it is ideal for cleaning hard to reach places like computer keyboards, printers, laptops. The technology that air dusters use makes it possible to use it for cleaning any equipment which cannot be cleaned with water. • Screen Cleaning Wipes and Cloths – we offer a selection of cleaning products which can be used for cleaning computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone screens. Such products include screen cleaning sprays, wet anti-static screen wipes and micro fibre cloths. Our screen cleaning range is also suitable to use for glass surfaces on scanners, copiers and screen filters. • Computer Cleaning Kits – this is a very convenient and cost effective way of getting all the necessary products for cleaning your computer equipment in one pack. Computer cleaning kits usually contain an air duster, screen cleaning foam/spray, micro fibre cloth and wet wipes. Among our computer cleaning products you will also find a selection of disinfectant and anti-bacterial telephone cleaners that can be used with mobile phones, telephones and headsets in order to maintain high level of hygiene for users. We also supply CD and DVD lens cleaners which can be used in any type of audio, video and computer disc players and drives. Lens cleaners which come in a form of disc with special soft brushes or micro fibre brushes remove any dirt form the lens providing a smooth running of any disc player.



Here's what our customers are saying...

joe carroll  
5 Star Office Spray Air Duster 400ml Can - HFC Free Compressed gas to remove debris and dirt from hard to reach areas - can be used on all printers, keyboards and other office equipment
  Good product!   
  "does this air duster not just spread the dust around the inside of a computer? This seems like trouble for the future?"  
5 Star General Purpose Office Cleaning Wipes in Tub Pack 1 (100 Wipes)
  Great Price!   
  "I didn't expect that these cleaning wipes are going to work so great since they were very cheap. I got them for cleaning my PC screen but I ended up using the cleaning wipes for keyboard and mouse... Solid product from 5 Star! Wonder if I can get these cleaning wipes in a larger tub."  
AJ Styles  
5 Star General Purpose Office Cleaning Wipes in Tub Pack 1 (100 Wipes)
  "These are phenomenal wipes."  
5 Star General Purpose Office Cleaning Wipes in Tub Pack 1 (100 Wipes)
  Very Usefull!   
  "very useful are these cleaning wipes, hours spent in front of the pc and keyboard while eating and drinking can make your equipment a bit manky so cleaning is a must. i use a 100 pack every 2 weeks. they're cheap to buy anyway"  
General Purpose Cleaning Wipes Lint Free Pack 50 5 Star
  "These Lint free general purpose cleaning wipes are so impressive. I keep them at work and also use them in my home. You can use them with any other cleaning substances, there are 50 in a pack and most definitely do not scratch the surfaces of furniture. I have other 5 star cleaning items also and have to say they are great quality cleaning products at a fraction of the cost of other named brand."  
Computer Cleaning Cotton Buds Extra Long White Pack 100 Durable
  Best computer cleaning products!   
  "These cleaning cotton buds are ideal for cleaning in and around the keyboard keys and for any other hard to reach areas in all types of office equipment. We find them great because we have so many different personnel using the same PC's in different parts of our factory and hygiene is very important. These cleaning cotton buds are also used in the factory floor. We found it very difficult to get in and around some of our moulding machines to clean them and these cotton buds have now been used for multiple tasks in our factory. Not just for cleaning office equipment they are multi-functional."