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Looking to buy a copier or a scanner for your home or office? Here at huntoffice we offer a selection of such machines. Below you will find information on copiers and scanners that should be helpful when considering buying such equipment.

• Copiers – copiers which are available on our site come as stand-alone devices or as a part of multifunction printers. Depending on the volume and type of copying that you intend to do monthly or weekly you should choose the most convenient type of copier for your needs. For low volume printing at home or small office a compact flatbed copier is a good option – these copiers are relatively inexpensive and don’t require any start up time so you can copy documents whenever you need to. Such machines are usually available with cartridges which can deliver a minimum of 2,000 copies. Although the page yield seems quite high it is worth remembering that such compact scanners aren’t suitable for high volume printing as they lack some of essential features like automatic document feeder or duplex printing. If you require the copier to be able to copy large quantities of pages you should consider either buying a professional multifunction laser printer with advanced copier incorporated within or a large stand-alone photocopier.

• Scanners – they allow scanning images, text, handwriting and even objects which then are transformed into a digital image on your computer screen. When choosing a scanner you need to determine the type of scanning you are going to make as some scanners are mainly designed for scanning photos while some are suitable for document scanning. Flatbed scanners usually have high resolution which allows scanning images at high quality. For scanning documents the best option is to use a dedicated document scanner which is designed for high volume document scanning – they are equipped with automatic document feeders and are able to scan multiple pages per minute. Similar to copiers it is important to know the volume of scanning that you are going to perform each week or month so that you get the most efficient scanner for your needs.