Cork Pin Boards

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Cork Pin Boards can be great for home and office use. Whilst great for keeping reminders and your thoughts in one place, they can also be used for decoration

What to consider when buying Cork Pin Boards

The Corkboard geatures a dense backing material that ensures push pins and thumbtacks will stay in place. The Cork Surface, meanwhile, is naturally self-healing


Along with your traditional cork pin boards, there are other kinds of pin boards you can buy.

Cork and Drywipe boards

Cork and Drywipe boards are usually half cork and half dry wipe, this can be great if you're wanting to write notes next to the things you pin-up. They also work as a single place for all your organisational needs


Felt fabric notice boards are great for making visually appealing displays, they are often used in school classrooms and general meeting rooms. The Felt allows for the board to be more colourful.

We offer single felt-fabric cork boards, as well as offering a double-sided cork and felt board. Where one side is cork and the other is felt.

Board Size

Our boards come in a variety of sizes, it's important that you look at the dimensions, so you know how big your board will be. We offer a range of heights and widths, so you can find the perfect board for your space.


We offer cork boards that are suitable for the enviroment, you can organise your thoughts whilst being kind to the planet.


This is the trimming frame of your board, you can opt for an aluminium frame or a more wood based trimming with our wood frame or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)