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Custom Made Bespoke Boardroom Tables


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Entry Level Boardroom Tables

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Cable Managed Bespoke Boardroom Tables

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More Custom Made Boardroom Tables

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Stocked Boardroom Tables

Your boardroom furniture can often be one of the most important rooms in your company.  The boardroom needs to be stylish as well as functional.  When meeting clients your boardroom needs to reflect a professional and stylish image.  Your boardroom also needs to be designed with technology requirements in mind.

At we have a large choice of custom made boardroom furniture from bespoke wooden boardroom tables to acrylic stone boardroom tables.  We can provide custom made boardroom furniture to suit any boardroom style or design including traditional style boardroom furniture or contemporary style boardroom furniture.

Our boardroom table range is fully bespoke.  Choose any table shape, size, finish and style.  You can customise to add additional ports to suit any cable management or multimedia requirements.

To give you an idea of the different types of boardroom tables we can supply we have create a guide to explain some of the different shapes, finishes, colours and styles we can offer.

Boardroom Table Shapes

We have a variety of table shapes to choose from as follows including square, oval, boat, double d-end, single d-end, triangular, u-shaped etc  If you have a particular boardroom shape we can provide you with a custom shape boardroom table.

Boardroom Table Finishes

Our boardroom tables come in a variety of finishes including wood, glass, stone or a combination of wood and glass. 
Our glass top boardroom tables come in a variety of finishes including frosted glass or clear glass.  All our glass top boardroom tables are made from toughened tempered glass.

Our wooden board room table finishes include the following:
• Black
• White
• Grey
• Walnut
• Oak
• Cherry
• Beech
• Ash
• Maple
• Pear

Cable Management

With today’s technology requirements it is essential that your office furniture is built with multimedia and cable management in mind.  Our range of multimedia and cable management boardroom tables are designed to incorporate projector technology, monitors, network cables, power adaptors etc.  Our bespoke boardroom tables are designed for easy wiring from floor to the surface and have a built in arrangement for electric, telephone and data transfer. We can also provide a customised boardroom furniture to accommodation your specific multimedia and cable management needs.

We can manufacture a boardroom table to fit any size room or group of people.  Whatever the size please let us know and we will accommodate.