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Do you need to buy cutlery and tableware? We have a wide range of cutlery and tableware items that will be suitable for your home kitchen or work canteen. A lot of products within our assortment are suitable to use in catering and food industry and come in bulk packaging. We have everything you need for catering for small or large parties at a low cost. Here are some of the supplies that are available on


Disposable Cups and Glasses – whether you are organizing a party at home or have a special occasion that you want to celebrate at work but want to save yourself the hassle of managing and washing the ware we offer a great selection of disposable cups and glasses. If you are also planning to serve some food and snacks you might also choose to get some paper plates and paper napkins which are also available on our site.


Cutlery – here you will find stainless steel cutlery that is ideal for use at work canteen and is available in full sets or individual packs of forks, spoons, and knives. We also have a full range of disposable cutlery including forks, knives, spoons, drink stirrers and drinking straws


Tin Foil and Cling Film – we offer a selection of catering cling films and aluminum foil which can be used for both personal and professional purposes. The tin foil and cling film within our range comes in handy dispenser boxes with cutting edges. The lengths of foil and film provide long-term use and great value for money.


China Ware – if you are looking for elegant and robust tableware you might have a look at our chinaware selection. We stock top quality china mugs, teapots, sugar bowls as well as complete sets of chinaware tea sets and dinner sets.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Brian Kettering  
Table Fork Stainless Steel Cutlery Pack 12 Ref F01525
  "We got these table forks from hunt office. We buy all our stationery here and we placed an order for two packs of these stainless steel table forks with our last order. We will be getting other plastic cutlery with our next order until we have replenished our supply."   
William Portman   
5 Star Fine Bone China Sugar Bowl and Jug White
  "The ideal dinner set which I bought for my newly refurbished kitchen. I had a dinner set before this one but it was over 5 years old so really needed changing. I am very impressed with the price I bought the Churchill Serenity Dinner Set as its a great quality dinner set. Thanks Huntoffice."   
5 Star Fine Bone China Sugar Bowl and Jug White

"We bought a set of this churchill fine bone china dinner set on the hunt office website for the conference room at work and when we got it, the quality was so good that I knew that I wanted it. I just love cooking dinner for friends and family but I did not have a nice presentable set of ware. Subsequently, I bought 3 of these sets and I now have a complete set of white fine bone china ware. It comes out for dinner parties only. My next purchase from hunt office is the teapot. After that, the sugar bowl and jug. I will then be complete or at least my set of ware will." 

Cup and Saucer Pack of 6 White KDSWCS CPD16905
"we bought from these churchill serenity tea set China White for our meeting room as we have visitors and clients calling weekly and very impressed with quality. did not like the previous cheaper 5 star range but all happy now thanks to options"