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Huntoffice are proud to be able to offer our customers full office design, planning, and fitout services to create bespoke spaces that fit the needs of you and your business. Huntoffice has been providing office design, interior, and fitout solutions for over 30 years, each project provides our team with more ways to utilise their skills and tackle design challenges. We provide a huge range of consulting and operational services for office design, meaning that we can consult on or execute particular aspects of your fitout, or do the whole thing from start to finish. Our wealth of expertise and services have been used to fit out spaces for small offices to large corporations, call centres, schools, colleges and large public facilities.

Consultation Services

At the outset of all interiors projects, we offer a free of charge, on site consultation with a HuntOffice Fitout adviser. During this consultation we provide comprehensive advice on the project, we take into consideration all the needs of the customer, as well as standard office design requirements.

Space Planning

•Choosing the correct office space layout is a crucial for the fitout process and is the basis of all future design and interior decisions. It is important to design and create a space that is conducive to productivity and a good workflow. During the consultation the focus is on finding out the needs of the client in relationship to their space, if there are any restrictions with the space, and the planning necessities. This includes discussing capacity and planning for potential future expansion.

Interior Design and Planning

•Our experienced team can advise the client on the interior design of their space, this includes providing information on office equipment, furniture, refurbishment work, lighting, electrical and technology requirements, partitioning, acoustic solutions, painting, graphics, carpet tiles and flooring, storage, bespoke carpentry, and staff and meeting facilities, ergonomics, and much more. As with consulting on space planning, the focus is on tailoring our advice to the needs of the client and handling any questions or concerns about the interior planning process.

Compliance Planning

•Every industry has responsibilities to comply with different requirements and laws. At Huntoffice, it is our priority to make sure our client is facilitated in meeting these requirements within their space. An important aspect of the consultation process is determining the health and safety, fire safety, first aid, GDPR and other industry specific laws that have to be taken into consideration when planning the fit out.

The consultation meeting is the best way for us to present our clients with advice and options on their fitout journey. The initial consultation is also free of charge and does not obligate the client to use our services.

If you would like to know more, arrange a callback, or book a consultation, please contact us at our details below:
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The Interior Design Process

Planning and Design

•Our experts take all the information from the consultation(s) and begin to plan and design the space. We begin with the basics and do line drawings of the space for the client to better visualise the final product. From the line drawings, we develop 2d and 3d models of the space to further show to the client what their space will look like once the fitout is complete. The most essential needs of the client are planned and designed first, this can be anything from a particular type of storage needed or health and safety requirements that have to be fulfilled. Each industry is different, but we always plan and design our fitouts with a clear regard for health and safety regulations. The capacity of the space also comes heavily into play in the planning and design process, this includes considering if there is enough room for safe and comfortable navigation around the space and if there are enough desk spaces that take into consideration expansion of the business, we tailor the planning and design experience heavily towards the capacity needs of our client. It is during this process that we also take more into consideration the aesthetics of the interiors, whether there are corporate colour schemes that the client needs to adhere to or if the space has a clear representation of logo and brand identity. Above all, during the planning and design process, we work closely with our clients to make sure a space is developed to functionally and aesthetically meet their needs.

Project Management

•Project management is central to our fitout service, relieving our clients from the time and resource consuming processes of a fitout like finding contractors who deal with various different aspects of the project, or planning time schedules for the different works that need to be carried out. We deal with the everyday management of the project so that our clients can focus on their own everyday tasks. Our clients have one point of contact for the project so that the best possible communication is facilitated and that our clients always have access to the newest information about the project. Our team draws up exact time schedules with the client and ensures that the fitout is carried out as per the design plan, in a timely and organised manner without interruptions.

If you would like more information on the fitout process, arrange a callback, or book a consultation, please contact us at our details below:
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