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Desk accessories are essential for anyone who wants to make the most of available desk space. It is also an easy way to really personalise your workstation and make your job easier and more efficient. Explore our range of desk equipment so that you can gain more free space and receive better access to the stationery items that are essential for your work or study.

Essential Office Desk Accessories for Tidiness

A must-have for any desk is a desk tidy, you can easily collect and organise misplaced pens, paper clips, pencils and any other small office items. Larger desk tidies can hold larger pieces like staplers or paper punches. The variety of sizes and designs allows finding a desk tidy which will look well in any type of interior whilst also providing great functionality.

Another desk must-have is a letter tray or filling drawer. Letter trays not only keep the desk area clean, but also let the user quickly find needed documents, saving time.

Useful Desk Accessories

An underrated desk accessory is the desk mat. A desk mat gives you an extra layer of cushioning on top of your desk, which is particularly useful when writing on single sheets of paper or when using a computer mouse. Most desk mats have a transparent overlay, so you can keep your notes visible if needed. Desk mats also have a non-slip surface that keeps the mat in one place allowing hassle free work.

Another useful desk accessory that can change your life is a document holder. Document holders are stood up, allowing you to read notes or documents next to your computer screen rather than repeatedly having to look down. This not only makes reading easier, but is better for your neck too!

Enhance Your Workspace with Stylish Home Office Accessories

Integrate our chic and vibrant home office accessories to harmonize with your home decor. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your preference and make your workspace uniquely yours. Lots of chice to see in our desktop filing drawers , letter trays, and magazine racks, categories.

Desk accessories at Hunt Office Ireland

Our selection of desk accessories includes hundreds of items including desk organisers, bookends, magazine holders, desk blotters, copyholders and more. We offer products from well-known brands as well as products that provide great quality and durability while being extremely affordable at the same time. Explore desk accessories at Hunt Office today.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Avery Book Rack Extendable 6 Sections Black
  Nice Price For A Good Product!  
"I always needed a book rack as i have few books on my desk and i never could find the place for them. It was never a big deal but I wanted to do something with it so I decided to buy this rack. Now my books are in one place and I feel good about it. This rack has a main feature that is really necessary it expandable which is very handy. Nice price for a good product. Would recommend."
Arnos Eco Tidy Step File Organiser Six Section
  Great File Organiser!  
  "I bought this file organizer as I needed to tidy up my desk. It does not take up much space and everything is like in description. The wires are strong and feet are made non slippery rubber. These two factors make it worth its price, only thing that I would change in it would be number of section in it. In my case it would be perfect if I could add on 2-4 more slots but other than that I cannot complain."  
Emily Carlson  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  Great Desk Organiser!  
  "Helix are definitely up there with the best when it comes to modern office products, we have several of them in our office and they have lasted ages. This clear-up desk tidy is no different. Because of the cheap price I was a bit worried it would be a bit flimsy but that it definitely isn't. It's sturdy enough to hold all my pens, markers and a large scissors as well. What more could you want for the price. Ordered 10 more from huntoffice, one for each desk :)"  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  "Huntoffice have an excellent selection. I bought the Clear-up Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black Ref R40077 244600"  
Mary Black  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  Great Desk Tidy Tube!  
  "I only ever order black desktop accessories, I like consistency on my desk. This desk tidy is great, it has 5 tube holders and 2 small trays, so it can hold all my bits and pieces."  
Olivia Barrett  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  Great For The Price!  
  "Needed a handy enough sized desk tidy for our computer desk at home and this one is ideal. It has 5 tube holders of different sizes so it can store not only pens but other little bits of stationery too. Great for the price."  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  Very Handy!  
  "really nice to have this desk tidy with 5 tube holders 2 shallow trays. it is very handy thing that every desk needs."  
Desk Tidy 5 Tube Holders 2 Shallow Trays Black
  Excellent Quality!  
  "Well what can you say about a desk tidy ... it holds my pens, pencils, paper clips, markers etc! It's definitely an improvement on the pot I had before though! The black colour blends in well in our modern office and cheaper than the local shops. Its nice and sturdy so will definitely store a good few bits and pieces."  
Sarah Buckley  
Desk Tidy Blue 6 Compartment Tubes 5 Star
  Great Little Desk Organiser!  
  "All I needed was a small handy desk tidy that wouldn't take up much room on my desk and this one from 5 Star is exactly that. Fits nicely alongside my PC, has 6 compartments which is more than enough for storing all my bits and pieces. Great little organiser thank you huntoffice."  
Elizabeth Wall  
Desk Tidy Blue 6 Compartment Tubes 5 Star
  Great Price!  
  "I found this an excellent way of tidying up my desk with this 5 Star 6 Compartment Desk Tidy. All the bits and bobs I need are still close to hand, but without any of the disorganised mess of before. And all for under a fiver. Thank Hunt Office."