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Are you looking for a dictaphone? Here at Huntoffice you will find a great selection of digital and cassette dictaphones. Nowadays even basic dictaphones come with amazing recording times, operating time and dozens of useful functions. Considering the price range between €50 and €900, there is really a lot to choose from depending on one’s budget and needs.

Dictaphone Ireland - What you need to know

We also have a range of dictation accessories such as headphones, foot control, microphones and cassettes which upgrade any dictating experience. We provide basic devices ideal for school or college and professional transcription kits designed for interpreters, journalists and any professionals who use such equipment.

Digital Dictaphone

Digital Dictaphones - since such dictaphones use digital audio formats for storing your recordings it is easy to transfer them onto computer, memory stick or any other digital storage device. This technology also allows fitting a lot more recording time on the dictaphone and you also have the option to change the recording quality to get more space. A lot of digital dictaphones come fitted with a memory card slot which makes it possible to significantly expand the recording memory capacity. Our range includes basic and more advanced digital dictaphones as well as fully professional dictation kits.

Cassette Dictaphone

Cassette Dictaphones – the introduction of digital audio recording made the cassette technology less attractive but cassette dictaphones are still very popular among professionals due to their reliability. Cassette dictaphones provide a great quality of sound for recorded material but are limited by the capacity of the tapes that they use. The most popular cassettes allow you to record up to 60 minutes while digital voice recorders can store up to hundreds of hours of recordings. Such dictaphones are ideal for users who don’t mind larger, heavier devices that usually are used by placing them on a flat surface rather than holding it in hand.

Dictation Accessories

Dictation Accessories – to make the most of your voice recording equipment we offer all the necessary accessories which include professional dictation headphones with superb sound quality, ear sponges for heavy used headphones, dictation cassettes in various recording time lengths, dictation foot control units and complete professional transcription kits.

All of our dictaphones and accessories come from top brands such as: Olympus, Philips and Sanyo. We make sure that all the dictaphones here come with the most detailed description for our customers. However, if you require any additional technical details and information or advice regarding dictaphones please contact one of our customer service representatives who will provide you with all the necessary information.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Aaron Chamberlain  
Olympus Digital Headset Stereo for PC 3.5mm Plug Input Cable 3m Ref E102
  Great pick  
  "Turns out I made a great pick! The sound quality is so much better than my old headset and it's much more comfortable in my ears as well. "  
LFH720T Philips Transcription Kit of Machine 155 Power Supply 234 Headset and 210 Foot Control
   Really revolutionised my work load  
  "I use this philips transcription kit daily. It has become a part of my computer system and without it I would not know what I was doing. Because I am the administrator for all the managers and it is part of my duties to prepare all their outgoing documentation, if I did not have my philips transcription kit there would be just mayhem each morning. This kit comes with the transcription machine, a power supply, a foot control and a headset. It has really revolutionised my work load. You do not see many of them in use these days, but I would not be without mine."  
Norbert Hass  
Olympus AS-2400 Professional Transcription Kit Footswitch Headset DSS Software
  Doing the job  
  "Quality device, really doing the job. Big improvement on the older model easier to use on several fronts."  
Nicki Banner  
Olympus AS-2400 Professional Transcription Kit Footswitch Headset DSS Software
  Fantastic for transcribing notes  
  "Excellent product you get a lot of product for your money. The Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit comes with headphones, footswitch, dss transcribing software. The Olympus AS-2400 transcription kit is a fantastic product for transcribing notes, every office should have one and very easy to setup and use."  
Birkenhead Lady  
Olympus AS-2400 Professional Transcription Kit Footswitch Headset DSS Software
  Makes life a lot easier for transcribing  
  "I have the ds-2400 dictation machine and I am delighted to now have the AS-2400 transcription kit, it makes life a lot easier for transcribing. I need this product in a hurry and was delighted Hunts could ship it straight away, excellent service, thanks."  
Olympus AS-2400 Professional Transcription Kit Footswitch Headset DSS Software
  This kit is a must have  
  "This kit is a must have for anyone who works with dictation and efficiency is the key factor. The software is not complicated and easy to use, foot switch is responsive and the headset is quite comfortable as well."  
Aimee Wyatt  
Olympus ME-52W Noise Cancelling Microphone Ref N2272726
  The performance is superb  
  "The performance is superb It's larger than most lapel microphones, but that's because of the physical requirements for noise-cancellation. As a test i did a interview. The Mic picked up both voices very well and cut down the background noise by at least 70%. The interview would have been impossible otherwise."  
Joel Ferguson  
Olympus E61 Ear Sponges E61es Pack 10
  "It fit the headset perfectly and is comfortable. Not much else to say other than good job Hunts."  
Francis Tuite  
Philips Mini Cassette Dictation 30 Minutes Total 15 per Side 0005 Pack 10
  Good quaility  
  "Good quaility mini cassette dictation tape. Can be used with philips dictaphone machines. It has 30 minutes of recording space."  
Dylan Jeffers  
Philips Mini Cassette Dictation 30 Minutes Total 15 per Side 0005 Pack 10
   Great service  
  "Huntoffice delivered my Philips mini cassettes next day, it was great service. Compared to the price I payed with other suppliers I will save a packet going forward."