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Philips VoiceTracer Interviews DVT2110

Philips VoiceTracer Interviews DVT2110

RRP: €201.11
€114.95 ex vat
€141.39 inc vat
Philips DVT4110 Voice Tracer for Lectures & Interviews 8GB - Stereo, 3 x Mic, Rechargeable Battery, Large Colour LCD, Micro SD Slot, Records in MP3 and PCM Format, Free App for Remote Control and File Sharing

Philips DVT4110 Voice Tracer for Lectures & Interviews 8GB - …

RRP: €199.99
€124.99 ex vat
€153.74 inc vat

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Nowadays digital voice recorders have become more than just a simple voice recording devices – apart from their main function they can be used as mp3 players, digital data carriers and some have a built-in FM radio. With dozens of models to choose from it might be worth getting to know something more about digital voice recorders. 

• Digital Voice Recorders Recording Time – this largely depends on the type of recording quality you choose to record at. A lot of digital voice recorders offer hundreds of hours of recording time but you should know that this is usually reflects in sound quality – the longer recording time the lower recording quality. If you require high quality recording for professional purposes you should look at recording times for highest quality. Most of digital voice recorders have the option to record sound in at least 3 modes which gives you a lot of versatility. 

• Memory Type – most of digital voice recorders come with built-in memory that is not extendable but the variety of memory capacities allows you to choose a device with impressive recording times even for the highest quality setting. The smallest memory size you will find nowadays is 1GB which usually allows recording between 30 and 300 hours depending on the recording quality. Digital voice recorders which are available on our site come with memory sizes of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Some digital voice recorders (usually more advanced models) use SD memory cards instead of built-in memory which makes it easy to extend the memory size if needed. 

• Data Storage and Transfer – having quick and easy access to the recorded files is quite important for anyone using voice recorder on daily basis. You should look for a digital voice recorder which stores data in minimum 5 separate folders which allows you efficient organisation of your files. 

• Another important feature to look for is PC connectivity – most of digital voice recorders use a USB cable connection to transfer the files and it is an efficient system as usually it doesn’t require installation of any extra software. Digital voice recorders which operate on SD memory cards give the option of either connecting via a USB cable or by placing the memory card directly into your computer. 

• Voice Activation – this one of the most useful features in digital voice recorders which turns on recording whenever someone starts speaking. It is great for dictation, interviews and lectures as it doesn’t record the dead space. Such feature not only saves the memory space on the digital voice recorders but also makes it more convenient for transcribing as you don’t have to go through periods of silence. 

• Transcription From Digital Voice Recorders – In order to transcribe voice files into text you need to use a certain type of software that allows this. Such software can be bought separately or comes supplied with more advanced digital voice recorders. One thing worth remembering is that you have to record at highest possible quality to use this kind of software. If you choose to manually transcribe your recordings you will need to get dictation accessories such as foot pedals and headphones. 

• The range of digital voice recorders on our site includes equipment from Olympus and Philips which are the leaders in digital dictation products industry. We offer basic digital voice recorders ideal for school or college, medium range voice recorders which can be used for business purposes as well as fully professional digital voice recorders which come bundled with dictation software and accessories. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Mary O  
Product: Olympus DS-3500 Professional Dictation System 2GB Memory Card
  Very sophisticated!  
  "This Dictaphone is very sophisticated. It is expensive but the audio quality is fantastic. This Dictaphone is also equipped with a variety of editing options stragith on the device which I found hugely helpful when using it! "  
Olympus WS-852 Digital Stereo Voice Recorder 4 GB Memory MP3 Built-In USB Key Silver. "Auto Mode" Evens The Volume From The Sound Source. The Input Level is Reduced For Louder Volumes, & Decreased For Lower Volumes. Easy To Slot Into PC Or Mac For Easy Da
  Very long battery life  
  "Very simple to use, loads of memory. very long battery life. Transferring the data across to the laptop is simple to do "  
Lilia Swan  
Olympus Starter Kit DS2500 and AS2400 USB 2GB PC 32Hrs Recording
   Saved myself a bit of money
  "I thought of buying the DS2400 on its own but it didn't really budget. I paid only €70 more than for the voice recorder on its own and I got all the extras that I would need to get anyway, so saved myself a bit of money that way."  

Joanna Ambrose  
Olympus Starter Kit DS2500 and AS2400 USB 2GB PC 32Hrs Recording
  Great service and fast delivery!  
  "Really nice dictaphone is this Olympus DS2400, very easy to use. Even with the 1GB card there is plenty of memory and you get a long use time out of good AAA batteries. Great service and fast delivery."  
Jean, Ennis. 29th January 2018  
Olympus Starter Kit DS2500 and AS2400 USB 2GB PC 32Hrs Recording
  Olympus products are made really well  
  "We had to replace our dictation kit lately and this olympus ds2400 was exceptional value. It has both the recorder and the foot switch also. I have no hesitation in recommending any of the olympus dictation kits because from experience, I have found that the olympus products are made really well and made to last too. This olympus ds200 will be a huge asset to our company."  
Paddy, Dublin  
Olympus Starter Kit DS2500 and AS2400 USB 2GB PC 32Hrs Recording
  This seriously speeds up any transcriptions  
  "Well this is a great set for anyone who needs the essential tools to make the transcription process fast and efficient. The Dictaphone itself is the Olympus DS 2400, which is a great digital machine, very intuitive in use - you don't even need to go through the manual to start working with it. The sound quality is brilliant and even with the supplied 1GB card you get a lot of space for high quality recordings. All the necessary accessories are included in this pack - you get your USB cables, software, a pouch, headphones and the foot pedal. The headset isn't the greatest and I prefer to use the ones I have bought before. But the foot pedal is the thing! This seriously speeds up any transcriptions, it is amazing how quickly you get used to using the pedals and remember what each one does. The price for this set might seem expensive but these are actually two different products sold as one - you get your DS 2400 Dictaphone and the AS 2400 starter kit. I have checked some sites and buying these two separately works out way more. I am really satisfied with the quality of this Olympus dictaphone and the gear that comes with it. "  
Philips DPM 6000 Dictation Recorder 4GB Memory Card OverWrite Function
  Sound quality is beautiful  
  "Absolutely over the moon with this! Definitely worth the price, its the best dictation recorder I've used and it definitely lives up to Philips' good reputation. It's very easy to use, the sound quality is beautiful and clear and the device itself is very user friendly."  
Tim Smyth  
Philips DPM 6700 Dictation and Transcription Starter Kit 4GB Memory Card. Stainless Steel Casing. Batteries & Memory Card Included. Also Includes USB Cable & Stereo Headphones.
  Complete dictation solution for a reasonable price  
  "Phillips dpm 6700 dictation and transaction starter kit is excellent for people that are interested in recording their conversations for college or work. This product is good for people that need the complete dictation solution for a reasonable price."