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Disposable Cups:

Disposable cups have become an indispensable part of our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles. These versatile containers offer the ultimate convenience for enjoying beverages and snacks without the hassle of cleaning or carrying reusable alternatives. Available in various sizes and materials, they cater to diverse needs, from a quick morning coffee to quenching your thirst with a cold beverage on a scorching day.

Disposable Coffee Cups Ireland:

In the heart of Ireland, disposable coffee cups have become an emblem of the nation's love for coffee and tea. These single-use cups, designed for hot beverages, are the perfect companions for those who seek a caffeine fix while navigating the busy streets of Irish towns and cities. However, in the face of environmental concerns, there is a growing emphasis on eco-friendly alternatives that align with Ireland's commitment to sustainability.

Compostable Cups Ireland:

Compostable cups have emerged as an eco-conscious choice in Ireland, reflecting the nation's dedication to reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. These cups, made from biodegradable materials, offer a guilt-free solution for enjoying your favorite beverages while ensuring they break down naturally, leaving behind no harmful residue. Compostable cups in Ireland signify a shift towards responsible consumption, promoting a cleaner and greener future for this enchanting land.

Do you need disposable glasses for a party or the office?

We have a good selection of disposable glasses for most occasions. We have plastic glasses for the water cooler and paper cups for teas and coffees at work. We stock disposable cups specifically designed for water and cold drinks which can be used with water cooler dispensers. We also stock disposable cups which can be used for hot drinks and suitable for vending machines. Choose from disposable pint glasses, plastic wine glass and plastic champagne flutes, and disposable half pint glasses for your parties, barbecues or glass free drinking areas.


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5 Star Fine Bone China Sugar Bowl and Jug White
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5 Star Fine Bone China Sugar Bowl and Jug White

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