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Nitrile Disposable Gloves Extra Large Blue

Nitrile Disposable Gloves Extra Large Blue

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Here, at Huntoffice we offer a wide selection of disposable work gloves including vinyl, nitrile, latex and polythene gloves. All gloves that are available to buy in our website conform to the relevant European standards and specifications and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XL. You can choose products from global disposable gloves brands such as Shield, Handsafe, Kleenguard, Polyco Bodyguards, etc. By choosing the gloves from well-known and world-wide recognised disposable hand protection manufacturers, you can be sure of getting good quality product, as these brands have committed to offering quality disposable gloves for individuals and professionals and assure that their production is in compliance with the latest standards.

Disposable work gloves have become a crucial part of health and sanitation both in the workplace and at home, with many industries (particularly the food service, medical industries) having laws in place requiring the usage of disposable gloves. Not only do disposable gloves protect workers, they also provide the product protection from cross contamination in environments with specific regulatory requirements, such as environments in which employees handle food or medical environments. They have characteristics suited for applications including hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, examination rooms, cleanrooms, electronics, police departments, food processing and service markets. These gloves are usually disposable and their 'second skin' effect allows them to maintain extreme dexterity for short-term tasks. In order to choose the right disposable work gloves, it is important to consider several disposable gloves features, such as glove material, size, colour.

Disposable Gloves Material
Disposable gloves are usually produced from materials like polythene, latex, vinyl and nitrile.
Latex is the first and most commonly used material in the glove industry, as it is a relatively strong, able to resist damage such as tears or punctures and flexible material. Latex gloves allow for high dexterity in various tasks such as surgery, medical examination. Latex disposable glove material features high durability, dexterity, elasticity and comfort. Eco friendly latex glove material is obtained from rubber trees - a renewable resource and latex disposable gloves are biodegradable. However, latex material is low in hypoallergenic properties: sometimes the glove that is used to protect can become the hazard itself. One of the most considerable problems when talking about latex as a disposable glove material is an increasing frequency of many people being allergic to it. When considering of buying latex gloves it is important ensure that the intended user of the gloves does not suffer from a latex allergy. If so, switching to nitrile or synthetic gloves can solve this problem.
Vinyl disposable gloves provide practical solution to allergy problems that arise from latex gloves, but offer less protection and resistance than the latex gloves and are looser fitting that results in reduced dexterity. Vinyl disposable work gloves are cost effective so if considering disposable gloves, but not needing the high levels of protection and dexterity that latex allows, would be much better off buying vinyl disposable gloves.
Nitrile disposable gloves are considered of being made from the best material to make disposable gloves from available today. It has all the great qualities of the latex glove: strength and dexterity, great elasticity and comfort, puncture and tear resistance with no drawback of latex allergies. However, nitrile gloves are usually more expensive than latex and vinyl. Nitrile disposable gloves are often used in environments where higher barrier protectionmust be ensured, such as hospitals, doctors surgeries, laboratories, veterinary and dental clinics.
The Polythene gloves are an economical alternative to latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves for the food serving handling industry. Made from polyethylene (PE) these gloves are comfortable and lightweight, they are easy to put on and take of and provide good dexterity for the wearer.

Powdered and Powder-free Disposable Work Gloves
Disposable gloves can be powdered to ease the application. The lubricant effect of the powder makes the disposable gloves easier to put on and take off. It is also considered that the powder facilitates instrument grip and handling. The main disadvantage of the powder lubricant is that the powder often causes allergy to the user. Powder-free disposable gloves feature reduced potential of allergies and dust contamination. The development of disposable gloves production has changed to allow powder free disposable gloves, making them easier to apply and less likely to cause allergies. However, this improvement has made powder-free disposable gloves more expensive.

The Colour Of Disposable Gloves
Disposable work gloves can come in many different colours: clear/transparent, white, black, blue, purple and many more. In a environments where cross-contamination is possible, the colour of a glove is used to identify to which area the glove belongs to. For example blue colour disposable work gloves are used in food handling industries to ensure high visibility of the glove amongst food, white colour disposable work gloves are often used for medical examination, as they have a professional appeal and give the user a feeling of cleanliness, black colour disposable work gloves are most commonly used by tatoo artists, mechanics and security officers.

The Size Of Disposable Gloves
All disposable gloves are available to buy in various sizes - extra large, large, medium and small – as it is one of the most important features to consider, when buying the disposable gloves. The right size of the glove is crucial for ensuring maximum dexterity and protection. The right size of glove has a comfortable, close fit against your fingers. A glove that is too tight can cause skin rashes, it is more likely to tear in use and can reduce the dexterity, whilst too big glove interferes with users grip. There is many hand measuring ways used to determine the appropriate size of disposable glove. Check out your glove size on our measuring guide: to determine your disposable glove size simply measure your palm as shown below:

However, even though many manufacturers strive to maintain these dimensions, some variance may exist.
Here, at Huntoffice Disposable Work Gloves section we have a variety of tight fit latex, vinyl and nitrile mechanics, dentists, painters, medical examination, food preparation and other general applications disposable work gloves available in various sizes and colours, featuring high dexterity and roll-back prevention. You can also choose from a selection of embossed polythene disposable gloves that are latex and powder free.
All selection of our disposable work gloves come in packs of 100, 200 or 250. These sealed cardboard boxes are perfect for hygienic storage of the gloves and also can be used as open-top or open-side glove dispensers.