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Here at Huntoffice we offer wide selection of DL envelopes online. Our assrtmentt of DL Envelopes includes large packs of 500 or 1000 DL Envelopes which are ideal for large comanies. We also do smaller packs of 50 or 100 suitable for home or small office use. DL envelopes often referred to as business envelopes are one of the most popular types of envelopes use for professional correspondence which can hold an A4 sheet of paper folded twice into 3 even parts or an A5 sheet folded once. DL envelopes can hold more than one sheet of paper but to get a professional result it is advised to put only one sheet of paper in this type of envelopes. Here at Huntoffice we offer DL Envelopes in Standard dimensions 110 X 220mm (41/4"x85/8") also DL Plus size 114 X 235mm.

DL  (110x220mm)

DL+ (114x235mm) 


DL Envelope Size

Window DL Envelopes

DL envelopes 110 x 220mm are available as windowed envelopes – this allows printing the address on the letter that is put in the envelope which secures the address details and also creates a highly professional look. Plain DL envelopes are great if you want to print the address directly on the envelope or stick an address label on it – such envelopes are more suitable for private correspondence rather than for business purposes.

Window & no window DL envelops   

Size is measured HEIGHT first and WIDTH second. Position is measured by the distance in from left-hand side and up from the base.  




Packs of DL Envelopes

As with most of office supplies buying DL envelopes in large bulk packaging significantly reduces the cost of a single envelope. The smallest packs available on our site contain 25 envelopes and high volume users can choose between packs of 500 or 1,000 DL envelopes.



   DL envelopes 50 pack  DL envelopes 100 pack   DL envelopes 250 pack   Dl envelopes 500 pack   Dl envelopes 1000 pack





Colours of DL Envelopes


At HuntOffice.ie we mainly supply white dl envelopes, brown dl envelopes and manilla dl envelopes however we also have a range of premium DL envelopes 110 x 220mm available with more sophisticated colours like cream or vellum


white dl envelopes manilla dl envelopes Coloured DL Envelopes
White  Manilla  Coloured Envelopes 


When shopping for DL envelopes one of the things you need to decide on is the sealing method. The old fashioned gummed envelopes in which you need to moisten the glue to seal the envelope are becoming less and less popular. Most of DL envelopes available nowadays can be sealed in two ways. First type is the press and seal which uses glue on the flap and top of the envelope that needs to be pressed together in order to create secure bond. The second method is called peel and seal – to seal the envelope you need to remove a plastic strip which covers the glue and just press the flap and envelope together. This method creates the strongest bond as the glue is protected by the plastic strip and isn't exposed until you remove the strip.

DL envelopes Seal

DL envelopes are available in different weights which are expressed in gsm (grams per square meter), similar to paper. Basic DL envelopes usually start at 80gsm and this is suitable for everyday correspondence. If you require the letters to look more important and elegant you should choose envelopes which weight is at least 100gsm.

DL Envelopes Popular Brands

Q-Connect 5 Star Conqueror Plus Fabric New Guardian Basildon Bond


Here's what our customers are saying...

Jacky Long   
Basildon Bond DL Window Envelopes Peel and Seal White 100gsm Pack of 100
  Basildon Bond DL   
  "Nice price of office use DL Basildon Bond envelopes. Envelopes are 100% recycled, white, peel and seal in box of 100 is perfect for small or home office. So happy with the quality and the price. Thanks huntoffice.ie."  
5 Star Office Envelopes Wallet Peel and Seal White DL 100gsm Pack of 500
  Great Bulk Buy   
  "Was not expecting the quality of these white wallet envelopes to be too great to be honest because of the fact it comes in a pack of 500 for a really low price. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, good strong paper so perfect for sending out important post, looks more professional than the thinner envelopes I've used in the past. Delighted with the fast and efficient delivery from huntoffice."  
Q-Connect Envelope DL 100gsm Plain Peel and Seal White Pack of 500 KF02951
  Always Get Peel & Seal  
  "I always buy peel and seal envelopes even if I have to pay extra so when I saw this pack on special offer i went ahead and purchased. It's a large pack so should last a few weeks. The quality is really good too!!"  
Niamh Poole  
5 Star Office Envelopes Lightweight Wallet Gummed Manilla 70gsm DL Pack of 1000
  Best Manilla Envelopes   
  "Because our company does all the wages for our sister companies, it is my job to prepare the payslips on a weekly basis. I have to envelope each and every payslip and over the years I have used many different types of envelope. From experience, I can say that these 5 Star Manilla Envelopes are the best ones I have come across. They are sold in packs of 1,000 which cuts down on having to place an order every week, now, I buy in bulk. These 5 Star Envelopes are also 100 % recycled so I do not feel so bad when I have to use so many. Because I am issuing payslips in these envelopes, the blue interior also gives me the added bonus of security."  
Ann O'Donnel  
Q-Connect White DL Window Envelopes Self Seal Wallet 90gsm Pack 1000 KF3481
  Great Price   
  "Great prices for box of 1000 white dl envelopes, perfect for any home office"