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In Huntoffice.ie Expanding Files & Indexed Folders section you can find a wide range of expanding files, expanding file boxes and indexed part folders from a selection of brands, such as Elba, Rexel, Snopake, Rapesco , etc. Check out Q-Connect and 5 Star expanding files, part files and organisers for great savings. Expanding files, expanding file cases and divider folders available in a variety of materials, styles and colour finishes.
Expanding files offer the convenient and customisable way to store, organise and reference A4, foolscap, A3 sized documents and are ideal for all your personal and work filing needs no matter where – at home or in the office.
Expandable accordion-style construction of these files enable user to choose filing capacity from minimum to maximum. Expanding files - versatile and multifunctional filing solution, a great way to sort out and store documents especially where storage place is limited. Multiple compartments of expanding files feature multi-purpose alphabetical, numerical indexing, customisable plain tabs. A-Z, 1-31, monthly, quarterly, etc. sections allows neat organisation of paper work no matter what are the needs or requirements.
Expanding files come with multiple compartments – pockets, ranging from 5 to over 30 sections. These sections can be pre-indexed (alphabetical, numerical indexes) or have the plain tabs for personalisation.
Pre-indexed expanding file pockets most commonly are:
• Indexed A-Z;
• Indexed 1-31(days per month);
• Indexed 1-12 (Jan-Feb);
Plain tabbed expanding files usually have colour coded index tabs or compartments.

Indexed folders, Part Files are the files that contain indexing and filing system within one file. They are ideal for holding documents under subject headings and are used for storing files and organising things to do for easy and convenient organisation of your loose paper sheets without the need to hole-punch and store your documents in a ring binder.
These sorting files feature separate coloured or same colour dividers with tabs, front cover pocket with changeable index sheet and elastic band fastener for secure transportation of documents.
Indexed folders are usually made from polypropylene, manila, pressboard, they come in variety of colours and sizes such as A4 and foolscap.

Organise your office or home files and documents in a best possible way with our range of expanding files and indexed folders. Order online with nationwide delivery service - we deliver throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Rexel JOY Expanding Box File Blissful Blue - Easily Carry Your Files With 19 Compartments, Secure Latch Closure & Carry Handle. Wipe Clean Linen Texture. Ideal For Use In Schools, Colleges, Offices, Homes & More.
  "This Rexel Joy Expanding box file is perfect for filing as it has A-Z and other pre printed labels. It's durable, stylish and worth the money."  
 Rexel Joy Expanding Box File Perfect Purple 2104020
  "Very secure box file, couldnt be happier with it, its perfect."  
A4 Black Expanding Organiser File 13-Part Capacity 500 Sheets Rexel Optima

"Elegant and durable expanding file, the plastic is really strong and the file can withstand the weight of hundreds of sheets. One of the best buys ever when it comes to office supplies."

Fiona Lyons  
A4 Blue Expanding Organiser File 13-Part Capacity 500 Sheets Rexel Optima
  High Quality
"got the expanding file just this morning, it looks better than on the photo and seems like a high quality product"
 Expanding Files with Flap 19 Pockets A-Z Foolscap Buff 5 Star
"Happy with my order - this expanding file is exactly what I expected it to be."
Helen Nolan  
Expanding Files with Flap 19 Pockets A-Z Foolscap Buff 5 Star
  Excellent Value
"I found this 5 star Expanding File good for holding varying amounts of documents, and its excellent value considering the use i got out of it, super for organizing bills, letters or even office documents."
Expanding Box File Foolscap Blue 20 Pockets A-Z 5 Star - 20 Concertina Like Pockets That Can Take Both A4 & Foolscap. Can Hold Up To 760 A4 Sheets & Is Made From Material That Can Be Recycled. Ideal In Offices, Schools, Colleges & More.
"It is my job to review all our departments invoices before they are signed off for payment. Some people are better than others to maintain their paperwork so to resolve this issue I purchased several of these Expanding Box Files. They are in A-Z for ease of filing and best of all their Blue cover is easily cleaned because some departments would not be as clean as others. It makes my job so much easier when the invoices are filed alphabetically. That way I can pay suppliers and know that all their invoices are reviewed and signed off. This is a very sturdy 5 Star Expanding Box File. A great addition to our accounts department."
Katie Bennett  
Foolscap Expanding File with Cloth Ties 16 Pockets A-Z Quarters 1-31 Blue 5 Star
   Great Quality
"I have always used 5 Star products for my stationery needs and always found them of great quality and use, while this Expanding File did its job, i had hoped it would be more durable as i do need to travel around a lot with it, a good product if you don't need to carry it around with you."
Foolscap Expanding File with Cloth Ties 16 Pockets A-Z Quarters 1-31 Blue 5 Star
"Strong, inexpensive expanding file."