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Document Holder at The Q Connect Store

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Q-Connect A4 Desktop Copyholder

Q-Connect A4 Desktop Copyholder

RRP: €69.69
€10.45 ex vat
€12.85 inc vat
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Welcome to the Document Holder section of Huntoffice. Document holders, also known as copyholders, are very useful for holding documents while you are working at your PC. Copyholders hold the documents at eye level while you type on your keyboard therefore preventing neck strain. Document holders can be freestanding or attached to your PC monitor and many come with a line guide marking the line of text you are reading from on the page. Browse through our selection of A4 and foolscap document holders in a variety of colours such as black, clear, graphite, purple and more, brands include Compucessory, Fellowes and 5 Star. 

Why buy a document holder? 

• It can be very time consuming when sorting through loose documents and sheets. By having a document holder on your desk you can work faster and more efficiently by having all the needed paperwork organized in the order they are needed. 

• Document holders whether free standing or attached to a computer screen can be adjusted to eye level which can stop the neck pain caused by constantly having look up and down from sheet to monitor. 

• Stop paper being scattered all over your desk and create a tidier work area with a document holder. 

Which Document Holder should you go for? 

There are a number of document holders to choose from to suit a range of budgets:

Freestanding Document Holders – These are usually the lowest in price to buy and ideal for those that have desk room. The most basic paper holder comes from the brand Fellowes which is a free standing holder with a capacity of 30 A4 sheets and is available in either blue or purple. This document holder in particular is an ideal budget choice while still offering a fantastic holder and organizer for your loose sheet, paper and documents. If you’re looking for a copyholder that will hold your loose sheets more securely, one of the freestanding document holders with a paper grip may be a more suitable choice, especially if you will be dealing with loose sheets. 

Monitor Copyholders – These are particularly convenient especially on desks that have limited space. The Fellowes Monitor Copyholder can be attached to the side of the monitor so not only will it save you space it will position the paper at direct eye level for the utmost comfort and to avoid neck strain. The tilt of the monitor copyholder can also be adjusted either up or down by 45 degrees which is ideal for desks positioned near windows or lots of light as the holder can be moved to avoid glare, helping with eye strain also. Delivery throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Molly Chambers  
Desktop Copy Holder Black Foolscap Adjustable Ruler and Angle Clip
  Fantastic Copy Holder!  
"I love this copystand desktop copyholder. I makes my life a hell of a lot easier when typing as it helps my posture as it sits right beside my screen"
St. Nessans College  
Desktop Copy Holder Black Foolscap Adjustable Ruler and Angle Clip
  Great Copy Stand!  
  "Our computer room has 20 computers for the studies of students and we needed to get copyholders for the desks. These compucessory copystands are ideal for our desktops and what makes them ideal is they have adjustable angle Clip and ruler on them, they also allow for Foolscap paper."  
Desktop Copy Holder Black Foolscap Adjustable Ruler and Angle Clip
  Very Good Quality!  
  "Very good quality and very cheap document holder, handy as it is adjustable and has the clip and the ruler. doesnt take up much space on my desktop and looks nice."  
Jackie Joy  
Desktop A4 Copyholder with Line Guide Ruler Black 5 Star
  Low Price!  
  "Desktop A4 copyholder is very handy to have on every office desk. Useful for letter or legal size documents. Thanks huntoffice for the low price."  
Mike Cremin  
Desktop A4 Copyholder with Line Guide Ruler Black 5 Star
  Really Good Copyholder!  
  "I am delighted with my desktop A4 copyholder it has a line guide ruler which is very handy, colour did not matter to me but i received a black one. 5 Star range is great"  
Desktop A4 Copyholder with Line Guide Ruler Black 5 Star
  "this product is very useful to me and I was so pleased to of made this purchase. it helps keep things like letters safe."  
Desktop A4 Copyholder with Line Guide Ruler Grey 5 Star
  Very Good Quality!  
  "Very good quality and value document holder, i was looking for great A4 document holder for a while now and i was so happy to discover it here for such a cheap price. was also delivered very fast and in great condition."  
Desktop A4 Copyholder with Line Guide Ruler Black 5 Star
  Very Cheap!  
  "Not the best quality document holder, have to say, but very cheap and does the job perfectly!"
Evan M  
Fellowes Freestanding Copyholder Heavy Base Multipositional Landscape and Portrait 3 Joints Graphite BB52978
  Great Accessory To Any Desk!  
  "in my work i have to look tru an incredible amount of reports and charts, im always here with my neck down at my desk, have to look tru them really carefully, so i wouldnt miss a thing. Recently i was recommended to buy document holder, as some one fro ergonomics saw me working like that, so i have looked for good quality one and i found this fellowes multipositional document holder, that can be held portrait and landscape. Very flexible and has nice graphite finish, this document holder is a great accessory to my desk, not to speak about, how easy is to looktru these documents from now on!"  
Jeffrey Mcphee  
Fellowes Copyholder Stand A4 Dove Grey
  Great Quality!  
  "This copyholder stand is very light and easy to carry around as well as being very sturdy for holding my sheets."