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• Dot matrix printers are commonly used in business environments due to their high reliability and low printing cost. Dot matrix printers use a print head which runs on the page and produces print by impacting an ink ribbon, which is very similar to the way typewriters operate. Such printers draw letters out of dot matrix which allows the user to use different fonts and apply some basic graphics.

• The impact technology used in dot matrix printers makes it possible to create carbon and carbonless copies. Depending on the model you can get up to 5 copies of a document which is both time and cost saving. This is one of the reasons for popularity of dot matrix printers among business users who use such printers for printing invoices, purchase orders, shipping forms.

• Another benefit is that unlike laser or inkjet machines, dot matrix printers can print on multi-part forms. Since they are capable of using continuous paper they are extremely useful for data logging and can be more efficient than laser printers as they print on multiple forms in a single pass.

• Due to their ability to work in toughest conditions, dot matrix printers are the most popular printers within warehouses, factories, retail shops and garages. One of the properties which are highly appreciated is the ability to print even on low ink levels – a dot matrix printer simply continues to print just that the letters become lighter (yet still readable). If someone is looking for a very sturdy black/white printer and prefers print efficiency over print quality – dot matrix printers are the best choice.

What to look at when buying a dot matrix printer?

• 9-pin or 24-pin - the number of print pins in dot matrix printers will determine the print quality and speed. 9-pin dot matrix printers deliver basic print quality which is more than enough for most of users who purchase dot matrix printers. Users who require higher quality more similar to laser or inkjet printers should choose the 24-pin models as these are capable of printing in higher quality.

• Another thing worth knowing is that although print quality from 24-pin printers is higher than one from 9-pin machines it is still not as good as from other types of printers.

• Print speed is always a metric to look at when shopping for any type of printer, in dot matrix printers it is expressed in characters per second. When looking at manufacturers information regarding the number of characters per second you should remember that these usually are carried out in fast draft modes which can be different than speeds achieved in highest quality mode. It is a handy number to use for comparison between dot matrix printers.

• Dot matrix printers are available in two paper size options. Standard machines take paper of up to A4 size (80 columns) and if your needs include printing on larger formats you can get an A3 (136 columns) dot matrix printer.

• The dot matrix printers that we have in our range come from quality manufactures: OKI and Epson – the leading brands in the industry worldwide.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Liam Murphy   
about Oki Microline 3410 Dot Matrix Printer
   Highly recommend .   
  "The OKI Microline 3410 dot matrix printer is a little expensive to buy but so cheap to run and hard to beat the reliability of it. Highly recommend . "  
 Sonia W   
about Oki Microline 6300FB Dot Matrix Printer ML6300-FB
   Highly reliable printer.   
  "We use this printer within a busy travel agent's office and it is a highly reliable printer. Withstands permanent usage every very smoothly. Never let us down so far."  
 Yvonne Power   
about Oki Microline 3320 eco Dot Matrix Printer
   Prints so quickly!    
  "This printer prints so quickly! I was surprised because of the size of it"  

about OKI Microline 3321eco Dot Matrix Printer
   Never let me down.  
  "It is funny how the technologies evolve and yet the best option for a business printer is the old fashioned dot matrix printer. I have been using OKI printers for over 10 years now and if I was to say one thing about them, it would be reliability - never let me down. Of course they need proper maintenance but once you do this, you can use them for years."  
about OKI Microline 3391eco Dot Matrix Printer
   Quailty and price is good. 
  "Bought this from Hunt Office on thursday and recieved it this morning. Packing was very easy to open. Oki Microline 3391 Dot Matrix Printer is very easy and quick to set up. Quailty and price is good. Very happy with this printer."  
about OKI ML1120 eco Dot Matrix Printer
   It was so easy to set up.   
  "I recently got this OKI Microline 1120 for the office, it's much smaller than my last dot matrix printer and much quieter but still works hard and efficiently. It was so easy to set up and use too! My invoices and other documents tear right on the perforations so everything looks clean and precise. The OKI has definitely upped productivity in our workplace and I'd reccommend it to anyone, huge asset to an office!!"  
 Nery Sweeten   
about Epson LQ 350 - Printer - monochrome - dot-matrix - 24 pin - up to 347 char/sec - parallel, USB 2.0, USB host
   Very reliable.
  "This Epson lq350 24pin for matrix grey is a good idea for your office if you need to use continuous paper or multi part stationery. This product is very reliable and powerful. It's very efficient with the energy and the operating hours are very high."