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Desktop Filing Drawers at The Exacompta Store

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Types of Desktop Drawer Sets
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Here's what our customers are saying...

5 Star Elite Desktop Drawer Set 9 Drawers A4 and Foolscap Grey/ Blue Ref 8344100-11443
  Very Useful Desktop Drawer Set!  
"i find this exceptional at keping different forms / papers / etc. organised in an easy manner and it is very useful to me. its big enough to hold plenty of sheets yet small enough to sit nicely on my desk."
CEP Pro Happy 4 Drawer Module Multicoloured
  Excellent 4 Drawer Module!  
  "This filing drawer brings some life onto any desk and interior. Apart from cheerful design the colourful drawers make for a colour coded system for filing purposes. And the filing drawers are big and can accommodate almost a full ream of paper. The drawers move smoothly and the whole filing unit is very stable. One extra benefit is that this filing drawer set is fully made from recycled material. I might actually get another one of these filing drawers as you can stack them as well. It might hold a bit higher price tag than most of them but worth the price to me!"  
Kiera Bruce  
Ice Blue Filing Drawer Set Plastic A4+ 5 Drawers Each Multiform
  Great Filing Drawer Set!  
  "This product is just as it looks in the photos, it's neat and useful but certainly does the job! "  
Robert Murphy  
Q-Connect 5 Drawers Tower Black/Grey KF02253
  Very Good Product!  
  "Q-Connect 5 drawer tower is a very good product for storafe and document management as it has 5 drawers and you can sort your papers on that drawer tower. Very good and highly recommended product."  
Carmel Mc Namara  
Q-Connect 5 Drawers Tower Black/Grey KF02253
  "This tower is the bomb I have it on my desk and I use it to sort my"  
Daniel from Kilorglin  
Q-Connect 10 Drawers Tower Black/Grey
  Great Value!  
  "These set of drawers are great for storing all paper work its well secure and its a fine size to be put on a desk, also great value."  
pink princess  
Leitz PLUS Modular Single-Drawer Unit Black A4Plus 52100095
  Excellent Product!  
  "they call it desktop filing drawers but I would rather say this is a letter tray, and actually a very handy one.I use as a monitor riser as well :)"