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  • Essence Carpet Tile Range
  • Essence Plain Carpet Tile Available in 24 Block Colours
  • Essence Maze Carpet Tile Available in 12 Colours
  • Essence Stripe Carpet Tile Available in 12 Colours
  • Essence Structure Carpet Tiles Available in 12 Colours

Essence Carpet Tile Range

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- Essence Carpet Tile Range

Essence Carpet Tile Range

The Essence Carpet Tile collection is a premium quality product, minus the price. Hard-wearing and highly functional, Essence forms part of a collection of carpet tiles designed with affordable excellence in mind. A professional, smart-looking tile. The highly flecked loop-pile is available in 24 different colours, from the more modest beige, grey and blacks to the shades of blue to the strongest impact colours like red, orange and green. You can get a particularly impressive visual effect with the creative combination of the Essence Maze and Essence Stripe, you can create you own unique floor. Though the yarn made from 100% quality Polyamid, the tiles gain a subtle lustre as well as resilient qualities. The self-laying carpet tiles, are above all hard wearing and offer a whole range of remarkable technical qualities. The Essence Carpet Tile Range is capable of being used with castor wheeled home and office furniture. For comfort and that feeling of warmth and stability underfoot the Essence Carpet Tile Range has the following attributes; DS- Anti-Slide and sound reduction characteristics (24 dB). The installation of this self-layable textile carpet tile can be done easily and quickly. The Essence Carpet Tiles are extremely stable and can be creatively combined and offer an exceptional and timeless appearance.

• The Essence plain tile is available in 24 block colours, which seamlessly combines with Essence Stripe, Structure and Maze, providing unprecedented creative design opportunities. With its plain level loop pile structure, and a strong line of commercial colours, this product goes back to the pure essence of a flooring product.

• Essence Maze produces stunning geometric patterns in a variety of colours – from anthracite greys and taupey browns, to eye-catching red, green and navy blue. Granting endless design possibilities, the individual tiles can be installed at random to striking effect. Part of the classic Essence Collection, it compliments Essence and Essence Stripe perfectly to offer high quality flooring at an affordable price.

• Ideally suited to a commercial setting, Essence Stripe adds a sense of playfulness: boosting a linear design with stripes in varying thickness's and contemporary colours. The low level loop pile tile has a strong commercial base, with anthracites, greys and beige, as well as more vibrant shades of as red, orange, blue and purple. Each colour can be combined with one or two from the Essence range for endless opportunities in creative flooring designs.

• Moving away from the geometricity of Essence Stripe and Essence Maze, Essence Structure takes on a more organic form, with an infinite series of fading lines. Part of the Materials in Touch collection, the ‘stone-washed’ look is achieved through the juxtaposition of light and dark tones of colour. Neutral beige and greys create a subtle but interesting effect, while more vibrant options make for statement flooring. Each of the 12 colours of Essence Structure can be combined with one or two colours of the Essence range for endless opportunities in creative floor designs.

The new Silver Certified Cradle to Cradle®  DESSO EcoBase® backing is available on all products and from a WPP holding perspective the preferred backing as this contributes most to WPP's sustainability objectives.Additionally an acoustic backing called DESSO SoundMaster® is available as well. DESSO SoundMaster® offers an impact sound reduction value of minimal +10 dB in addition to the standard value, thereby setting a new industry standard in carpet performance. In addition, it offers a 60% improvement in acoustical performance in comparison to our standard carpet designs. DESSO SoundMaster® is made from 100% polyester (40% recycled) and is specifically chosen for its advanced sound insulation and absorption properties.

Disclaimer: [The Desso logo is a registered trade mark of Desso Ltd./ The copyright in the pictures used [above/in this section] is owned by Desso Ltd] Reproduced by kind permission of Desso Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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Essence Carpet Tile Range