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• Although most of writing instruments that are used on daily basis are usually inexpensive plastic pens, some situations and professional status require a more prestigious instrument such as an executive pen. The use of an elegant executive pen is a must when signing important documents, especially when it’s happening in the presence of your clients or business associates. For a lot of professionals owning a high quality executive pen is simply a part of their dress code. 

• The main advantage of a solid executive pen is its durability – you should consider it as an investment as you are getting something that is going to serve you for numerous years. Most of companies that manufacture executive pens provide long guarantees as well as an excellent after warranty service that will allow maintaining an executive pen’s look and performance for extended periods. 

• Apart from long life span, design is one of the characteristics that cannot be overlooked when speaking of executive pens. The materials used to make an executive pen are usually stainless steel, brass or can be plated in gold and silver. Also the shape of an executive pen can be often innovative and extremely unique which makes a particular model of executive pen easily recognisable by taking even a short look at it. 

• Typically an executive pen comes with a cap that you uncover to write with it and it doesn’t really use any sort of mechanism. However some executive pens used the very common button action mechanism and also the twist action mechanism. As choosing an executive pen is a much personalised decision you might go for the type of technology that is the most convenient for you to use. 

• A nice executive pen doesn’t have to be dramatically expensive and with a huge variety of designs and materials you can easily find an executive pen that will be of the highest quality but won’t ruin your budget. You can buy an inexpensive durable and elegant executive pen for as little as €20 and you will still get great quality pen; the upper price cap is hard to establish as it all depends on the brand, material and also the availability of the desired executive pen (some come in small limited series which increases their value significantly). 

• Our range includes products from Parker and Waterman which guarantee that the executive pen you will purchase is going to last for numerous years of even the most extensive usage. 

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