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Kleenex Tissues for Softness and Strength

Experience the superior softness and strength of Kleenex tissues. Our range of Kleenex facial tissues is perfect for everyday use, offering gentle comfort for your nose and face. Choose from a variety of Kleenex tissue options to keep your home, office, or classroom stocked with quality facial tissues.

Facial Tissue for Gentle Comfort

Ensure gentle comfort with our selection of facial tissues. Made from soft and absorbent materials, our facial tissues are perfect for wiping away tears, cleaning up messes, or providing relief from allergies. Stock up on facial tissue boxes to have them handy in every room of your home or workplace.

Box of Tissues for Convenience

Enjoy convenience and cleanliness with our box of tissues. Each box contains multiple facial tissue sheets, ensuring you always have a tissue on hand when you need it. Whether you prefer Kleenex tissues or other brands, our box of tissues offers easy access and reliable performance.

Facial tissue also called paper handkerchief.

Facial tissue are disposable alternatives for cloth handkerchiefs. Facial tissues are a soft paper product for use on your face.

The paper used to make tissues is thin, but durable enough to withstand nose blowing.

The main purpose of facial tissues is to wipe and blow your nose. However, tissues have many other uses as well.

facial tissue


Types Of Facial Tissue

Basic Tissues

• One-ply
• Best for occasional, light use

Ultra-Strong Tissues

• Two-ply or three-ply
• Stronger than basic tissues
• Does not rip apart easily when blowing nose

Tissues with Lotion

• Two-ply or three-ply
• Infused with lotion
• Keeps your nose moisturised if you are blowing your nose often

Tissues with Aloe Vera

• Two-ply or three-ply
• Infused with aloe vera
• Provides a cooling effect if your nose is chaffed from blowing and wiping too much

Tissues with Menthol Extract

• Two-ply or three-ply
• Infused with menthol extract, such as Vick's
• Loosens the mucus in your nose, making it easier to blow


Here at HuntOffice.ie we offer large range of facial tissues from well known brands like Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark, Papura, Maxima and Tork. Serving you with quality, softness and strength you require. We supply your favourite facial tissues in small single packs as well as large packs of 36 letting you choose quantity you require.


Types Of Facial Tissues Available on HuntOffice.ie

regular tissues

balsam tissues


Regular Facial Tissues

Balsam Facial Tissues

Men Size Facial Tissues





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Tork Facial Tissues Cube Box 2 ply 100 Sheets White Pack of 30 Ref 140278
  Best price Tork products!   
  "I am delighted to be able to order our janitorial products like the Lotus Facial Tissues Cube in a Peach Box that are 2 ply 90 Sheets White E02157D Pack 18 from Huntoffice. Our one stop shop for all our office needs. Delivery is next day and the prices are very competitive."  
Tork Facial Tissues Cube Box 2 ply 100 Sheets White Pack of 30 Ref 140278
  Fantastic Value!  
  "I run the administration side of a very busy nursing home. All stock orders must come through me and when we receive a request for supplies we must get at least 3 prices prior to placing an order. We have been buying these lotus facial tissues in the cube box for ages now and each room must have its own box. I have found that these lotus facial tissues are great value and because they come in packs of 18 boxes per lot, I only have to place an order once per month. They are a really soft tissue and they are 100% recycled."  
even big boys cry  
Kleenex Mansize For Men Facial Tissues Flat Box 2 ply 100 Sheets White Ref M02076
  Good Quality & Quick Delivery!   
  "My tough boyfriend can breakdown during movies, he gets very emotional! I love making him watch the notebook and other movies to get him going. We always have a good laugh when I pass him the kleenex mansize tissues. I think it s cute, but if he knew I was writing this he'd probably need more tissues! BTW his name is paudie..."  
Takumki LTD  
Kleenex Mansize For Men Facial Tissues Flat Box 2 ply 100 Sheets White Ref M02076
  Highly recommend!   
  "These are a nice item to have in our reception. Just a nice touch so people can use them if they need tissues, and no better brand to use than the Kleenex. It gives a good impression, thanks huntoffice."  
Maria Culhane  
Kleenex Facial Tissues Cube Box 2 Ply 90 Sheets Pack 12 8834
  Big pack for small money  
  "I always like to have a box of Kleenex tissues on my desk, it"  
Derek Broughton  
Kleenex Facial Tissues Cube Box 2 Ply 90 Sheets Pack 12 8834
  Kleenex is best  
  "The Kleenex Facial Tissues Box is nicely presented and does not look out of place at home or in the office. The fact that they are 2 ply ensures they are not flimsy."