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Brother FAX2840 Mono Laser Fax Machine

Brother FAX2840 Mono Laser Fax Machine

€200.00 ex vat
€246.00 inc vat
Brother FAX-2940 Mono Laser Fax Ref FAX2940ZU1

Brother FAX-2940 Mono Laser Fax Ref FAX2940ZU1

€409.50 ex vat
€503.69 inc vat

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Looking for a fax machine or fax thermal rolls? Here at Huntoffice we offer a great selection of fax machines from top quality manufacturers as well as thermal rolls to use with fax machines which use such technology. We also carry a range of fax ribbons, toners and ink cartridges which can be easily found through our ink and toner finder – all you need is to have the brand and model and our system will look up available supplies for your machine.

We supply all types of fax machines which are:

Thermal Fax Machines – they require using thermal paper and produce text or image by heating up the paper for ink to appear. These fax machines are usually inexpensive and don’t require any extra supplies apart from the thermal paper. Their main disadvantage is the print quality which is usually low and isn’t really suitable for faxing images or complex graphic designs. Another issue with thermal paper is that the images fade away after a certain time and also they can be easily damaged by exposing the paper to heat.

Inkjet Fax Machines – such fax machines use a technology similar to inkjet printers and apply ink from a cartridge onto a sheet of paper. Inkjet fax machines deliver relatively crisp print and you can use standard A4 paper with them. The only extra cost in terms of maintenance is buying ink cartridges which need to be replaced when all the ink is used.

Laser Fax Machines – using the same printing method as laser printers these faxes produce the best quality print for text and images. Laser fax machines are usually very efficient in terms of speed and maintenance costs. One thing about laser fax machines is that the initial cost of getting such machine is higher than thermal or inkjet machines but the overall copy cost becomes lower especially for larger volume printing.

One option that is definitely worth considering is getting a multifunction printer which also has a fax feature – these are available in both laser and inkjet. Such solution has a lot of advantages – no extra space needed for a fax machine and reduced costs as you don’t need to get any extra supplies apart from the ones for the printer.