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Welcome to our extensive collection of File Folders and Folders for Filing at Explore our range of high-quality folders designed to keep your documents organized and secure. Whether you need file folders for your office, home, or school, we have the perfect solution to meet your filing needs.

File Folders for Office and Home

  • Stay organized with our durable file folders, available in various sizes and styles to accommodate different document types and storage requirements.
  • Choose from a range of materials, including sturdy cardboard, plastic, and polypropylene, ensuring long-lasting protection for your important documents.
  • Enhance your filing system with our selection of document folders designed for easy labeling and quick access to your files.

Folders for Filing Documents

  • Streamline your filing process with our comprehensive range of folders for filing documents, featuring reinforced edges and tabs for added durability and organization.
  • Optimize your office or home workspace with our selection of document folders, available in classic colors and designs to suit any decor.
  • Keep your paperwork in order with our practical and versatile file folders, perfect for storing invoices, reports, letters, and more.

Discover the perfect file folders and folders for filing documents to keep your paperwork organized and accessible. With our wide range of options, you can create an efficient filing system that meets your specific needs. Order now for fast delivery across Ireland.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Claire O Connell  
 Rexel Ice Elasticated File 4 Fold A4 Assorted 2102050 Pack 4
  "Very convenient 4 colour file I use at home for the kids although I’m sure they would be useful in an office too. The Rexel ice elasticated file is separated into 4 compartments so I use one for school correspondence, one for medical bills, one for expenditures (clothes etc.) and one for mixed stuff. I'm FINALLY organized!!"  
Flo Bryan  
Flat File 35mm Foolscap Blue Pack 25 Elba Ashley
  "Surprisingly strong manilla files! I expected these to break with little use like some others I"  
Patrick McMillan  
Elasticated Folio A4 Blue Q-Connect

"I constantly use this folio to transport important paper work and prevent the corners to roll up and its good that this folio is elasticated as this suspends everything together."

Henry Bourke  
Snopake Electra Clamp Binder A4 Polypropylene for 100 Sheets 80gsm Clear 12772 Pack 10
"I always bring these folders to business meetings, the business card holder comes in handy when I need to give some out! A very good quality folder, I bought the ten pack for the office and several of my colleagues use them as well!