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  • Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litres
  • Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litres

Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litres

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  • Certified to BS EN3 regulations
  • Long operation life and easy maintenance
  • Extinguishes Class A
  • Size: 9 Litres

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Product Specification

Product Code
14.75 kg
Manufacturer Ref
A Class
Mounting Bracket
Without Mounting Bracket
9 Litres
Class A - Solid Materials
Fires Involving Solid Materials
Class B - Flammable Liquids
Not Suitable for Flammable Liquids
Class C - Fires Involving Gases
Not Suitable for Fires Involving Gases
Class D - Fires Involving Metals
Not Suitable for Fires Involving Metals
Class E - Fires Involving Electrical Appliances
Not Suitable for Fires Involving Electrical Appliances
Class F - Fires Involving Combustible Cooking Media
Not Suitable for Fires Involving Combustible Cooking Media

Product Details

- Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litres

Manufactured to the highest standards and approved and certified to BS EN3 regulations. They are approved in many countries to offer protection against a variety of types of fire risk with a long operation life and easy maintenance. Water extinguishes Class A (carbonaceous) fires by cooling, removing the heat needed to sustain fires and preventing re-ignition. Water extinguishers are the most environmentally friendly fire extinguishers available.

*Type,size and quantity of fire extinguishers needed depends on the type and quantity of fire hazards identified by fire safety engineer.Using wrong type of fire extinguisher can make the fire worse or cause serious injury to the user.


Water Fire Extinguisher (Red Colour Code)
This 9 Litres fire extinguisher's extinguishing medium is water and the instruction label on the front of extinguisher is colour coded red. The fire extinguishers colour-coding system enables the user to quickly identify the type of fire extinguisher by the assigned colour codes: blue for dry powder, red for water, cream for foam, black for CO2 and yellow for wet chemical. Colour coding system is specified in standard BS 7863:2009 Certified to BS EN3.

Fire Class   Class A Only Not Suitable for Class B Not Suitable for Class C Not Suitable for Class D electrical Not Suitable for Class F
to use on   Fire Extinguisher is suitable for Fire Class A only !
This 9 Litres fire extinguisher can be used on Class A ( involving solid materials:wood, paper etc.) fires ONLY.
do not use on   Fire Extinguisher is NOT suitible for fire Classes B, C, D, F and Electrical Fires
DO NOT USE this 9 Litres fire extinguisher on Class B (involving flammable liquids:petrol, paint etc.), Class C (involving gaseous fires:butane, propane, natural gas etc.), Class D (involving metals:magnesium, sodium etc.), Class F (involving cooking oils and fats) fires and fires involving live electrical equipment.
9 L   9L Fire Extinguisher
this fire extinguisher contains 9 Litres of water. The fire extinguisher weight usually indicates how much extinguishing agent it can hold.
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Fire Extinguisher Water 9 Litres

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