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People often purchase fire extinguishers and leave them in a corner without ever knowing how to use an extinguisher and what type of situations your fire extinguisher can be used in.

How to use a fire extinguisher?

The correct procedure for using a particular fire extinguisher can vary with manufacturers, it is important that you carefully read the instructions and familarise yourself with them.  However when using any fire extinguisher there are certain guidelines you should follow. To help you remember just remember the acronym


Pull the pin – The pin prevents the handle from being accidently squeezed, the first thing you should always do is remove the pin.


Aim – You should always aim the fire extinguisher at the base of a fire.


Squeeze – Next you should squeeze the handle to release contents of the fire extinguisher.  Releasing the handle will stop the release of contents.  Remember most standard fire extinguisher have a 30 second release time.


Sweep – Carefully more towards the fire sweeping back and forth.  Even when the fire appears to be out, keep a careful eye on the area in case the fire reignites.


Different types of fire extinguishers explained

Foam Extinguishers   Powder Extinguishers   CO2 Extinguishers
Foam extinguishers work by cooling and smothering the fire, they are generally used on A & B class fires.   Dry Powder Extinguishers - A dry powder fire extinguisher is a great multipurpose extinguisher as it can be used on most fires including organic materials, electrical fires and on flammable liquids and gases.   C02 Extinguishers are suitable for B type fires i.e. flammable liquid fires. CO2 extinguishers are convenient as they do not leave a residue.

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Water Extinguishers   Fire Blankets   Fire Accessories
Water Extinguishers can be used on woods, textiles, paper i.e. Class A organic solid type materials.
  Fire Blankets very convenient in the kitchen, a must have for every home.    Check out our range of fire accessories including fire extinguisher stands.....

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 IVG Fire Chief Water Fire Extinguisher 9 Litres for Class A Guardian
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Paul Lee  
Stewart Superior Sign Water Fire-Extinguisher W100xH200mm Self-Adhesive Vinyl
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Break Glass Key Holder Box With Printed Glass
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1.2Mx1.2M Fire Blanket Rigid Case Firechief
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Seems really high quality quality material and has been certified.
Its a perfect size for my small hob "
IVG Fire Chief Foam 2 Litres Fire Extinguisher for Class AB Guardian
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"I have had the opportunity to use a Guardian Fire extinguisher before (no lasting damage!) and I can recommend it no problem. It worked as it was supposed to."
Ann O Shea  
IVG Fire Chief Foam 2 Litres Fire Extinguisher for Class AB Guardian Ref IVGS1.0KG FM01010
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"Amazing value, for a trusted brand. It is a perfect for a car at 1Kg. I hope I will never have to use this but as a woman driver I feel so much safer with this in the car "
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IVG Fire Chief Foam 2 Litres Fire Extinguisher for Class AB Guardian
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IVG Fire Chief Dry Powder 1kg Fire Extinguisher Refillable for Class ABC Guardian Ref IVGS1.0KG FM01010
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"Perfect size for van/caravan small apartment use, it is not too heavy and easily to store. I haven't used it yet but knowing its there is good"