Green Free-Standing Fire Retardant Bins

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It’s understandable that in any type of business a large amount of waste will be produced on a daily basis. It is important for every business to assure the effective disposal of waste in a safe and secure manner. Any hazardous waste such as paper, oily or high flammable materials should only be disposed in fire retardant bins. Our range of fire retardant waste bins will help your business to dispose hazardous waste in a safe manner. Here at Huntoffice we offer a range of fire extinguishing and fire retardant waste bins so you can be assured that your business and your employees will be safe, no matter what gets thrown in the litter bin. Huntoffice Fire Retardant Bins section offers a wide range of fireproof litter bins and sack holders that covers capacity from 15 to 80 litres and comes in various shapes and colours. The fire resistant bins are essential to providing excellent safety, health and anti-fire standards and are ideal for use in healthcare, kitchens and anywhere there is potential risk of fire.
Whether you are looking for self extinguishing fire safe bin or pedal operated fire retardant refuse sack holder, here in Huntoffice Fire Retardant Bins section you will find something to suit your needs of safe hazardous waste disposal.